Monday, October 17, 2011

Deadliest Catch Boats at Dock Oct 2011, Roger and BJ, Rainbows, Elections, CNN, Comedians, Salmon, A Wedding, More trips with workers and the NW! Whew

Roger and BJ got Delayed by Pen Air before going to see Kay so Roger wanted me to snap a quick one of him for his mum. They were very sad Kay!

Yup, the DC boats are in. You can tell how busy this summer and fall have been by the tired vacant look in my eyes. Still, Many thanks for Miss Veda for snapping this photo and for taking us around for pictures for her relatives in the UK. The Time Bandit's Paint Job has faded a bit from last year but still looks good. (Hope Josh from the CM enjoys his time on there this year.)
As always the Northwestern is a proud regal Lady.

I swear she was even moving away form the bird dropping on the dock.
Maybe Sig will even Let Jake Harris pilot during his time on the NW.
As shown a few posts ago the Ramblin Rose's new paint job really makes the boat look great,
And Eliott is still Captain and was large and in Charge when we stopped by.

And it looks like Keith on the Wizard is Loaded all up and ready to go for a very short season this year. Crab Quotas are down 30% for Red King Which is one of the reasons the Seabrooke is up going after Saint Matthews Blue King Crab right now.

It's been a Rainbow heavy fall so far with just about every day bringing a fresh one!

The elections were held the other week and a large amount of Absentee ballots had to be counted before the election could officially be called. In a VERY close Race Zoya Johnson beat out Katherine McGlashan by a few percentace points.

Amd then CNN happened and did a Hit piece on the Akutan Airport.

Yeah, his implied live shot was from the Hotel's Back deck.

Another Visitor to the Island was the Comedian Andre Covington.
Took him out to the spit dock, got a picture for him with the NW and

Up on Ulakta head. (Turns out he is a bit afraid of heights).....LOL

And he even got to see the Salmon Spawning!

Amd he gave a great show at the Harbor View Inn.
Then Denice had her LONG AWAITED wedding to Randy!

The Housekeeping staff Like Annelise above and the
Food and Beverage Manager Lisa K Transformed Margaret Bay Cafe.........
Into a beautiful Reception hall!

Of Course I love Denice so Much it was no bother at all!!!

And Her just Perfect Mum AB!
And the Happy Couple!

More Rainbows!!!

And Finally at the Beginning of the North Pacific Fisheries Manangment Council Meetings we had to make some Temporary housing available at the Newly Aquired Amaknak Camp, so Me and a team of workers from Production spent all day getting 7 rooms ready and clean, rescued from Dire Circumstances. They Deserved a treat after that, and some fresh air so up Ulakta head we went!

Amd Finally, the Northwestern, about a month ago, before the Madness of the Council, The Deadliest Catch folks and all the rest. Peaceful.
Just one week till I leave on vacation. I hope to do another post before then!
Where in the world will I be going this time?
Just wait and see!