Monday, February 27, 2012

Update From Seattle, Keifer Reads COSMO? Keifer's new GF Shaina and of Course Derick

 So, While down in Seattle I have been checking in on some of my favorite Kids, Derick and Keifer. Ya know the Drill, take them out to a good restaurant to make sure they are eating, a movie for some fun and in The Case of Keifer and Shaina, take them to and pick them back up at the airport when they went to Vegas for her Mum's Wedding.
 And Yes, Horror of Horrors that is Keifer Reading COSMO!!!!!
 Shaina is obviously having good influence on him!!
 As well as being Cute as a button!!!! At I-Hop last night we Ended Up with a super annoying waiter who messed up my order and put onions on my steak tips. UGGHHHH!!! I promise I did not lose it, but I did purchase a $5 Children's Miracle Network Balloon to be hung in the restaurant and signed it "THE NO ONION BRIGADE".  This caused some embarrassment for Derick since it is right near his college and we picked him up and went there during his dinner break from work.
 Notice that his I-Phone is missing it's back. Surprisingly, his room at his apt is not in too messy a state, yet he still can not find it.
But at least they have all had some good meals since I got down here, Pizza, Chinese, Olive Garden, Red Robin and now I-Hop.

Job Search is going well, Lots of interviews, I'll let you all know soon.
Thanks For all your best wishes!!!