Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saint Baldrick's is Fast Approaching!

You heard it right - I'm shaving my head in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment, while raising critical funds for childhood cancer research!

In the US, more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease. Please make a donation on my behalf to support childhood cancer research so that all children diagnosed with cancer will have a better chance for a cure.

To make a donation, click on "Make A Donation"!

Yes, All too soon my hair will be flying away!


ANYONE who Donates $100 Will Receive a Sweatshirt/Hoodie from Our Gift shop of their Choice. ($50.00-$60.00 Value)
EVERYONE who donates will get a Chance to Win this Dutch Harbor Letterman's Jacket, for every $5.00 Donated. ($200.00 value)
And Finally, anyone Who Donates $500.00 Will Automatically get a Dutch Harbor Letterman's Jacket Just like CB Wears.

I am even going to throw in some of my precious Beach Glass to Each Package! Come ON!! Pledge Already or I will have to "Vogue"! None of us needs to see that!

Zac Schasteen, One of our Unalaska City Council Members is also participating. To win a $100 Pledge from Fellow Council Member Dennis Robinson he is Dying his hair Hot Pink.

Go give him a couple of $$ if you can. (Just Donate to me First!! Remember Prizes!!)

Bleaching (BTW did you Donate Yet? )
The Colors
Color Applied. The Blue is For Unisea Which is Donating $500.00

and the Red/Maroon is for The Grand Aleutian Hotel Which is Also Donating $500.00

Oh, in case you have not seen you can make a donation here

The Fabulous and Amazing Katherine of who has all the pictures and is donating the proceeds from our Dye jobs to the Saint Baldrick's Organization! Everyone show her some love!

I swear. I will "Vogue!" You better go and Donate now!
Really, Soon come Black and White Video and a back beat!

Better Donate NOW!

Remember, Prizes!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lauri. CD. City Council, walk around Little South America, Blue Sea Glass, and the New Carl E. Moses Small Boat Harbor

Lauri, and CD ,
Joined me for Lunch on Monday. Lauri is just visiting after winning her release from "Life on the Rock".

You WILL be Missed Lauri. Sorry, can't type much, too busy crying!
Ok, On to other subjects. The City Council meeting was last night and there was a great turn out due to the fact that The Budget for the School District was being approved.
Because it was an early Council meeting we had PIZZA! (I even Broke my diet for a SINGLE slice of the Pepperoni Pie.)
CD, being the good little school board member she is, even attended. (Though she did not give in to the Pizza Temptation.

It is still trying to decide what it wants to do weather wise up here. Some days are nice and sunny then we get a Snow/Ice storm. Even the Sea Lions seem a bit confused.
They are usually well away from this bay at this time of the year.
Still, it give me a chance to see them.
So that is alright!
And that is not to say the Island is not making progress towards Spring. The Above photo from a few weeks ago and this one from Monday show just how much the Wall of Ice has melted on Bunker Hill.
Still, a few warmer and more sunny Days would be nice.

But even as I compalin the island is showing bits of green poking through here and there.
Like all the ferns poking out down on Little South America.
And the Island still loves me! Look at the HUGE piece of BLUE seaglass it left for me!

Finally, after rounding the tip we get our first glimpse of the new Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor.

This project is not even a 1/4 of the way done yet. It's going to be huge!

Some photos of Kyle for his wife!!!

Ok, Hopefully Today I will get the hair colored so plenty to show you all tomorrow!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Brunch without Junior, City Council, Miss Veda, Garage Sales, snow, Beachwalk and Bella Gets her first perfect stick!

It looks to be a great Day up Dutch Harbor way! I hope this means a good week with none of the dreaded White stuff!
The Sun is shining on our Sunday Brunch, one sadly minus a Junior.

Skyler, Willie, Paul and Rich have made some great looking Salads today to start out with.

Now, My regular camera's batter died while taking pictures so some of these photos are from my I-Phone so sorry about the quality.

Teryaki Pork loin,

Lobster Ravioli

And Chicken Chipolte Crepes.

The Snow for the most part is FINALLY melting, though.
And Over by City Hall the other night I noticed a few encouraging signs of life...
In one of the landscape pots near the greening grass by the Council Chambers...
....There are some flowers popping up after a long Winter nap!
In fact Look!! Miss Veda has emerged from her shop and did not see her shadow so that means Spring should be right around the Corner!

Also outside City Hall sits this memorial to the Native Villagers that were removed from the island by the United States Millitary during World War II and placed in Internment camps in South East Alaska. Though I am a strong supporter of the Millitary in most cases, this was a truely Shamefull time in American History, These Villiagers, some of whom I see Every Day and Call Friends, were taken from their homes with a single suitcase and returned after 4 years to their looted and vandalized homes, and an Island damaged and in some cased destroyed by the Millitary.
Lets all just take a moment and say a silent prayer for everyone affected by those terrible times.
The "Other" Post office......
So Yesterday I journied to "The Other Side" In an attempt to chronicle Dan and Darryl's trials to become Volunteer Fire Fighters. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to photograph the trials, so I just stayed and cheered them on. They Passed. Congratulations!!
Then it was on to the Community Yard sale at the PCR Buliding. Above is Theresa who usede to work for the hotel but has since moved on to a City Job.
And Of course Roger and Billie for his Mum!
I actually think everyone.......
...and I mean everyone.....
...was there at some point yesterday.
So this week had started out kinda rough.......
With More wind and snow.
But by midweek it had turned nice enough for a beachwalk with CD, Manderzz, Dylls and Bella!!

The Unbridled Joy that Bella Showed when she Got Her First Perfect Stick was just delightful.
There are VERY few trees on this island, and most of the wood we see is from Broken Pallets which is NOT good for a puppy.
We found a nice piece of Driftwood that was just the perfect size and Shape for Bella Though on this walk.....
....and with a joy that only children and dogs know proceeded to create and entire world of play with this stick.
I need to get a bigger Apartment so I can get a dog!!
Anyay, have a great Sunday Everyone!