Sunday, January 31, 2010

Captain Phil Harris Update, Get well soon Sunday Brunch, FLAME TMZ, F/V Cornelia Marie Photos, and A trip to Priest Rock.

For Phil I call Upon Saint Michael the Archangel,

Saint Andrew Avellino,
And Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg
Please help to heal Phil Harris.

Today's Post Is Dedicated to Captain Phil Harris of The F/V Cornelia Marie.

According to My Anchorage Source Captain Phil is Resting Comfortably and is awaiting Test Results. The Hospital is being overwhelmed with phone calls so please do not add to the Chaos. Let him and his family have some peace, and keep them in your prayers.
UPDATE::DeadliestCatch Update on Capt. Phil, he's recovering from surgery.

'Deadliest Catch' Guy Suffers Stroke
Posted Jan 30th 2010 9:40AM by TMZ Staff

Phil Harris -- captain of the Cornelia Marie on "Deadliest Catch" -- suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized, a Discovery rep tells us.
Deadliest Catch GUY? He is A CAPTAIN and Deserves some respect. This is not one of their Hollywood Floozies or In the Closet Leading men. This is a CAPTAIN who does one of the Toughest Jobs in the world.
Perhaps you all would like to go and "Write A few Words" to TMZ at the article Posted above....
JUst a thought ;-)

French Toast Tropical.......

....Spare Ribs..........

....And Sockeye Salmon are on the Menu today.

A Dutch Harbor Dirt Premere today for Jamie who is new in the Kitchen and Made the Wonderful Fruit Tray shown Above.

Junior and Chefboy over by the Smoothies and Desserts.

Yes CB's Little Sis, this Chocolate Strawberry is Really Really Good!

And Now some shots of Phil and The Love of His life, The F/V Cornelia Marie.

Now show in this photo, but you can actually see the smoke roll out of the Wheelhouse when Phil opens the windows!

Above is a Map showing the Trip Kyle and I took Last Week with Dan
(Check out his Blog, New Contest up where YOU could Win a Trip to Dutch Harbor!
CB Trying to get an "Artistic" shot of A reflection. LOL
The water was nice and calm when we started out. And no Precipitation or wind. A Flat Calm.
Remember what the Flat end of Ballyhoo Looks like now.............
There is the Grey Goose Coming In!!
Yup, That is Priest Rock!
We were out so far we could Actually see AKUTAN!! HI April!!! and Darryl!!
As we Turned around to head back........."Where did the Harbor Go?".......
I think that's Ballyhoo.......LOL
Even the Rocks around here can pick up the Freezing Mist........just no one to pound it off.
A few shots of Hog Island.
The Hotel from the Water
Bunker Hill
The "Bridge to the Other Side"
The Unisea Docks
The APL Crane this Summer...........
And The APL Crane Now.
Hope you all had a great Brunch. Lets all keep Phil in our prayers, and Hope that this week is A Lot Better than last!!!