Friday, February 27, 2009

F/V Incentive Crew and Unalaska City Council

Some of the Crew of the F/V Incentive, at the Eagle, That you will be seeing for Opie season!! They were there stocking up before heading back out for their last 100,000lbs. Great guys one and all, you will be laughing your A$$'s Off!!! (I hope some of the Deck Boss's Poetry makes it in too, he is the one on the right. His 9-11 poem made me cry in the bar one night. Really Good)

There was a really big turnout for city council this week, as the Smoking Ban was again up for debate, as well as water, sewer and trash rates.

There was one person missing however!!! Missed you Katherine!!!

David Gregory, one of the Councilmembers, recieved an award from the Health Clinic for all his work introducing new people to the island by taking them out on his boat to go fishing for King Crab.

The Libray was presented with a piece of the Original Alaskan Flag, from back when it was still a territory, in recgonization for all it's hard work. Especially for the fact that it recieved a 4 Star Rating from the American Library Association and Library Journal, given to only 256 Libraries in the entire United States., and one of only 3 in Alaska. Great work Library Staff!! (Laurie from Life on the Rock blog works there, Check out her site)

Alot of people left after the smoking ordinance was discussed but plenty of us stayed for a while after that, to listen to all the other items.

Our Fantastic Mayor kept the meeting on track when plenty of people tried to veer it off course, and I think I helped by interjecting a bit of Humor into the proceeding during the comments on the smoking ban...........

One of the MAJOR presentations on Tuesday was The Kloosterboer Project(Check Out their Site at ) being built on Ballyhoo Road. This $150 Million Dollar (Yes, $150 MILLION) Automated Cold Storage Facility, is to be built in phases over the next 5 years. This shows a real belief in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska's Future and Sustainability, especially with the World Economy the way it is!!

News Release (Translated poorly from Dutch)

02-02-2009 A new Reefer service for frozen fish from Alaska to Zeehaven IJmuiden

Kloosterboer loads cold store for shipment from IJmuiden to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Kloosterboer will, in cooperation with Dutch Harbor Ports LLC, build a number of new cold stores in “Dutch Harbor” in Alaska . The leading fishing companies in Alaska, such as Glacier Fish Company and American Seafoods Company are among the companies who will store their goods in the new Kloosterboer cold store in Dutch Harbor. Kloosterboer announced that the first completed part of the cold store will have a capacity of 120,000m3 with a storage surface of 20,000 m2 and will accommodate Alaska pollock, cod, King crab, salmon and other fish species. Dutch Harbor known from the programme “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery Channel is the primary fishing port in Alaska and is situated in close proximity to the major fishing grounds of the Bering Sea in which yearly 2 million tons of fish are caught. Kloosterboer has also announced that the company will be opening an office in Seattle, Washington (USA). The new office will provide full administrative support to the cold store customers in Alaska. The Seattle office will also provide logistic services to customers who would like to use the global network of cold stores and temperature controlled facilities. As part of this logistic service, a new reefer regular service will be sailing from Dutch Harbor to IJmuiden once the cold store is completed this summer. Kloosterboer explains that this regular service will give its customers the opportunity to store their frozen fish products in IJmuiden before distributing it to customers in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Great-Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia and various countries in Eastern Europe. The whole operation will start with a return voyage from IJmuiden to Alaska. The panels for the walls, floors and roof insulation for the cold store have been purchased in Poland and will shipped from IJmuiden to Dutch Harbor in Alaska. Further building materials for the cold store are steel, which will be shipped from Korea, concrete and machinery which will be delivered by suppliers within the United States. This summer the cold store might be officially opened by the governor of Alaska, Mrs. Sarah Palin. By joining strengths Kloosterboer and Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. have succeeded increasing the volume of frozen fish using IJmuiden as a hub. The transport chain will eventually increase up to 75,000 to 100,000 ton per year in 2010-2011. This is an increase of 15-20% of the in IJmuiden processed frozen fish in comparison to the current volume. IJmuiden is a key player in the frozen fish market because it locates a number of leading companies and has a large number of available transport facilities. The world wide growth in fish production and consumption creates great opportunities for IJmuiden to develop into a central hub for fish in Europe. In the strategy outlook of Zeehaven IJmuiden (Haven in Zicht 2007 -2012 – page 14) it states that provisions have to be made to increase the yearly growth with approx. 5%. (

ANyway though. A certain Boat has docked so I am off to get some pictures.

See you all later


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fishing crew safe on land; airlift under way (Airlift Done and Here are the Pictures!)

I Caught the Choppers Coming in on my way back from Alaska Ship Supply.

It is a nice sunny day but the wind is blowing quite hard. (Not as Bad as Akutan though, where April Dawn ins reporting 125mph gusts!)
Make sure to check out her blog since the ship did go to Ground on Akutan:

Fishing crew safe on land; airlift under way
Published: February 25th, 2009 09:04 AMLast Modified: February 25th, 2009 11:08 AM
The crew of a commercial fishing boat that ran aground early today in the Aleutian Islands has climbed onto dry land and is being airlifted to safety, according to the Coast Guard.

After receiving a mayday call this morning, a Coast Guard cutter and three rescue helicopters were sent to aid the crew of the Icy Mist, which ran aground off the rocky coast of Akutan Island, about 40 miles east of Dutch Harbor, a major Aleutians fishing port.
Shortly before 11 a.m., all four crew members climbed off the boat and onto the island. Coast Guard helicopters are getting ready to evacuate them, officials said.
The 58-foot Icy Mist is based in Kodiak and is equipped for crabbing and trawling. The boat has participated in many Alaska fisheries including crab, salmon and herring, state records show.
"It's one of the best-maintained in the entire Kodiak fleet," said Marty Owen, the city's harbor master.
Earlier today, foul weather and high winds were hampering rescue efforts, Coast Guard Petty Officer Walter Shinn said. The first helicopter sent, an HH-65 Dolphin launched from Dutch Harbor, was forced to turn back because of the wind, which was blowing at 45 mph, with gusts reaching 80 mph, Shinn said.
Ocean conditions were rough, with swells up to 15 feet, according to the Coast Guard.
The Coast Guard Cutter Munro, on patrol in the Bering Sea, was ordered to Akutan. Two larger helicopters, MH-60 Jayhawks, were also launched from St. Paul Island, about 265 miles northwest of Akutan, at about 8 a.m.
Shinn said the Coast Guard received a mayday call early today reporting that the boat was taking on water.
Communications are limited in the region. The mayday call was received by the vessel Arctic Fox and relayed to the Northern Glacier, whose crew contacted the Coast Guard.
The vessel was later reported aground on the island.
Akutan Island is 766 miles southwest of Anchorage.
The Associated Press contributed to this article.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dutch Harbor Post office

It was a Really nice day today, But out in the Bering A MAJOR storm is brewing with hurricane force winds. Everyone send theor love and prayers to the boats still out!!

Dutch Habor is the ONLY port in the United states to have it's own zip code.
I had to go mail some packages today, so I thought I would show you that Dutch Harbor is not just water, but a real place.............(Waiting for the Unalaskans tComments....LOL)

And Certain people might want to keep their eyes on their mailboxes.

By next week when the packages arrive this photo will make alot more sense..
City Council Meeting tonight so I am Out of here for today.
Have a Great Night!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Brunch Thanks!!, Sunrise, DC News, Pizza, Dan and Katherine and my hopes for one more good storm!!!

ANOTHER beautiful sunrise Today!!
And Yes, all of those birds in the air in the next picture are eagles, enjoying this wonderful day!
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For Sunday Brunch At the Award Winning Chart Room Restaurant,Located at The Grand Aleutian Hotel In Dutch Harbor Alaska?

Lots of Wonderful salads and savories today to start out the meal.....

But , like always I head right to the French Toast (Today With Blueberries!)........
But the Chicken Puttanesca is just AWESOME today.
And of course Ham and Roast beef for those more traditional minded among you.
Although I chronicle our Sunday Brunch every week I really do not have anything to do with it besides making sure the rooms are clean and the Linen is done.
So Today I would like to say a Sunday Brunch Thanks to all those who make our weekly gatherings possible:
First off to Executive Chef Rich who does not just a great job with brunch, but every day running two restaurants, Functions, Scheduling being a mentor to Junior,and ORDERING (Which, with our delivery times makes ordering anything a nightmare!) It is rather Ironic that although he takes amazing photos he is a bit camera shy himself, so I will alow one of his creations to stand in for him. Great Smoothies today!! and the Deserts look cool today too, though I miss the little Granola cups from the other week. And anytime you want to make those Polenta Pancakes again is fine with me!!!
Eddie, who makes my French Toast or Pancakes every morning for me but today! He is personally responsible for my current addiction to breakfast.
We all know Janice's Willie who is Richard's Second in Command (And who makes Sushi to die for!)
Paul and Jack (Just back from vacation and flashing me the "Devil Sign") Round out the kitchen with their awesome creations from salads to crepes.
Junior has off today, but it would not be Sunday Brunch without him so here he is from Dani's Birthday Brunch!
Trudy, Darlene.........
And Geshaw are our servers today and every Sunday so remember to tip them well!!
And Finally Glenn, who brings all the alcohol to all of the outlets and has the most important job on the Island; He is Personally responsible for ensuring the Mountain Dew supply at the Hotel and the Restaurant. I pray for his safety and health every day.
NOW, Lets get on to the "Dirt"..........
I caught Cookie Dough at "The store that shall not be named" stocking up on supplies for a "Boys Night" at her home. (Of course she caught me at the same store reacting to "The Real Unalaska" blog post in the next photo) Check out her blog for all her adventures (And plenty of shots for you Juniorholics) at

Darn you Alena!! After reading your blog the other day I may never again be able to make my favorite quick supper by chopping up a bunch of fresh mushrooms on top of this Pizza. Go see what all the Fuss is about at:
Dan's Office door is closed, probably for the first time since I got here. But you, like I, can even follow him to the Swedish Arctic Circle with satellite tracking at his blog:

And FINALLY Katherine's neice gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. Go see the pictures at: . (Also compare this picture to the one she posted on there to see why I told her she needs like a week of sleep!)
On to Deadliest Catch News:
EVERONE is still out fishing, though the season is winding down for all but the Cornelia Marie which got a late start. The Northwestern boys are probably doing alot of this though since last I heard they are stuck in St Paul with the Ice.....

See everyone, I do get over to the Unalaska side of the islands sometimes.......

And Finally, would it really be too much of a bother to ask for just ONE more really good snowstorm/blizzard? The snow from the last one did not stick around long at all and I really would like one more good shot before spring arrives. Heck, today I am walking around outside in a polo shirt and not even feeling chilly. (Although I must say it is quiet today, almost too quiet. Maybe Mother Nature is going to give us a kick in the pants here soon!)

Hope everyone has a Great Sunday!!