Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weird week, More People Leaving, a Naughty Eagle, and The Greening of Bunker Hill

It's Been a Weird Week Up here for me. Been Capturing some interesting photos all over.

Maricel And Greg left on Vacation. you can see them holding the face masks I gave them to protect from the Swine Flu.

CookieDough is going out for a few tests so I had Jeff in the Kitchen make her up a Cabo Salad and a frozen cookiedough piece. (He also had to make a Turkey sandwich for Junior)

She looked so sad and lonely sitting there in the airport, Typing away on her little computer.

Of Course Junior came up and saw his Mum off. He skipped lunch at school to do this, thus the Turkey Sandwich. CD's Hubby was snapping a picture of them together. What a Good, kind Trustworthy Son CD has. Isn't she lucky?

So, Alexander was getting his morning Snack from CB........

When I cook Anything I cut off all the fatty bits and gristle and cook them up just for him!

ANYWAY though, once the morning treat is done he usually follows me back around the corner of the hotel still hoping for more.......The Other morning as I walked back he was in a particularly cheeky mood and landed on a car at the end of the sidewalk. I thought he was just saying goodbye but then...........

If you would have been at the Grand that morning you would have seen CB run down the sidewalk yelling "No Alexander BAD EAGLE!! BAD!!!" Unlike a dog though, he was able to snoot a bit at me and then just Fly away.

Finally, with Spring in the air.........and lots of "Fertilizer" being provided by the Eagles........I thought I Might start a new little feature........"The Greening of Bunker Hill". I will take a shot every day from my living room and post them occassionally. Should be an interesting progression.

Everyone say a Prayer for Cookiedough now!!!
Have a great day

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Burger King In DuBois PA Down for Three Weeks....Perkins Destroyed!!

My Old Hangout of Perkins in DuBois PA was destroyed in a fire on the 23ed. For those of you who do not know what a "Perkins" is Follow the link.
They are like a Higher end "Denny's" with an Awesome Bakery in each Restaurant.
Especially Their Cream Pies.......

If you only knew how many nights I had spent in that Restaurant when I lived down there, Drinking the Endless pots of coffee with friends and Playing "Vampire The Masquerade" Role playing game....
Anyway though You might be able to see through the smoke the blue roof of the Buger King Next door.
Yup, the same Burger King where My sister and I had our Crossiants that one morning of Shopping. I guess it is now closed down for three weeks due to water damage, because the Firemen had to keep spraying it with water to stop it from going up in flames!!
Not a happy day in DuBois PA!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Brunch, Eddie's Back, but Junior's Not, People and Ship leaving, Horses, Nice weather and ALEXANDER!!

It's a beautiful Day Up Dutch Harbor Way,
And the table is set and ready.
With such a great view,
stop a moment or two and take a look out the Window bellow.

Eddie is back!!
And Just in Time,
as CB was going through
French Toast Withdrawl.

Heirloom Tomatoes Top this tasty Pastry,
That I first had last week at the Wine Tasting.
Not one for Tomatoes is usually CB,
But for this Rich Creation I'll take one slice........or Three....

Paul's Apple-Rasin Crepes,
with Cinnamon Schnappes,
(CB Begged for him to use it),
Really hit the spot!

Black Cod.......

.....and Chicken,
Asian Inspired,
Round out the Hot food today

Alas no Desserts For CB today,
It is just not the Same with Junior Away.

Alexander was being a good boy today,
and Hung around after his Breakfast,
For a few good Shots,
Just look at his Cute little Beak!!

Miss You Miss Veda!!
And So does the Island,
It is rather funny How many people Drive Up Daily,
Look at the sign,
and then still look in the window.
It's just not Dutch Harbor Without YA!!

The weather is Beautiful Today,
if a bit chilly in the shade,
But the light dappling on the Mountains,
And a touch of Green Here and There,
Signal that spring is HERE!

Is it just me, Or does it seem to be
That Everyone is running away right now?

From Horses...............

.........To Cruise Ships.........

..........My one Housekeeper Jovenia.....

........HR God Ricardo........

.........and Junior and the Boys. (What, you think I would let a Sunday Pass without a Junior photo? Please, Dani would hurt me!!)

Maybe it was something CD did................

And Last but not least,
a Few Shots this week,
That show Why Alaska,

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!!!