Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Brunch With Chefboy, New Faces, Beautiful Days, Whales,Sea Glass, Sea Lions, CD, Eagles and The Convention and Visitors Bureau. What a Full Week!

It's A Cold Cold Day Up Dutch Harbor Way.......
And The Sunday Brunch Started off slow......though it did not remain that way.

ravel It is time to bid Farewell to Chefboy Jeff as his journey through life takes him away from our fair Isle. Skyler beside him is taking over Jeff's Place and thus will be the new "Chefboy". However, I never say goodbye, only Farewell until I see you again.

Apple Crepes with Pecans and Chcoloate sauce,
Corned Beef and Cabbage and all the trimmings....

...And Some Cod, Which Junior informs me is "An Ugly Fish that I don't eat." Not Everyone has Fresh Halibut Junior. Besides, Miss Veda likes Cod so it must be good!

A Good looking Fruit Tray from the New Chefboy Skyler. (South Park Jokes Galore Coming with That name!)
"I think I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow!!"

Oh, And Paula has joined our team in the Restaurant and will surely kill me for posting this photo, but it was just tooo Funny!!
It has been Really Bright and Beautiful for mmost of the week so I have been out on several walks......

Most memorably last night when I watched some whales in the bay right by my Apartment. There was some snow coming in, and the whales were pretty far out but you can see them breaching the surface a few times in these photos. If the Weather holds out I'll try for some better ones today. Super Cold though so I will bundle up good. (This is when I called you last night Mum, By the Way)

CD is down in Juneau for something or other so I had Glass Beach all to myself and Found some
Nice pieces, including a Yellow one!
No, it is not a trick, that HUGE mass of Ice is actually Blue in certain Parts. Just like how a Glacer can be I guess, Light Refraction at different wavelenghts and all that....

It never slows down here always some fishing boat coming or going!

And Of Course Sea Lions Playing!

CD and I had Lunch the other day And I was FINALLY able to get her her Autographs from the Dr Who Convention Long with the First Season of "The United States of Tara", which you must watch and buy!! Soooo Good.
So, Alexander and the other eagles were Kinda upset that last week's "Eagle Brunch" did not show many Eagles so they put on a little mass protest the other day at the dock.

Enlarge the photo above this and look at that eagle coming in for a landing right in the middle
of the photo.
While Swinging back and forth I caught this shot By accident and may make it my new Title Photo, not sure yet though.

On the Work Front I am trying to eat a bit healthier (No Mayo Or Fries with this Club Sandwich), and I FINALLY got My housekeepers Uniforms!

And Finally the Convention and Visitors Bureau Had our annual meeting and election on Saturday.

Belinda and Sherry also passed out our awards for the year.

Unisea Won the Bering Sea Award.
Our Favorite Guy from Safeway won!

And Reid Brewer Won the Hometown Hero Award.

Congrats to Everyone.

Now I am Off to Look for Whales!!
Have a Great Sunday!