Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spring/Summer, Brunch, Bowling, Trees, Hoarding, Cruise Ship and a BBQ with AG and CD!

The Lupines are blooming and a Rainbow Looms, Could it finally be that Spring/Summer had Come Up Dutch Harbor/Unalaksa Way?

While we Ponder that question Let's have some brunch, I'm Starting our with the Apple Cranberry Crepes with Raspberry Carmel Drizzle.

Maybe a little Salmon,,,,,,,
And Some Chicken .....
Along with some Prime Rib.
Skyler is ready to make your omelet just the way you like it,
The Heirloom Tomato Tart is always a favorite of mine.......

........Though Kayla's Modified Ni├žoise salad (With Swordfish) sure looks tasty!

As does her fresh fruit platter Glazed with a Vanilla Bean reduction.

And A new one, Blackberry-Lime Smoothies!
And then Dessert?
Well It was a BUSY BUSY week for me once again. I'm still fighting this Sinus Infection though it now looks like no surgery right away. Still leaving me tired and with a slight headache all the time, though better than before. Between work, meeting and a few activities before CD and AG and their Families leave on vacation this week wore me out!
Check out our cute little Bowling Shoes!!
Manderzz, Queen of the Lanes!
Smiling Happy new Sweaters!
Yup, a Purple ball for me!

On to More food. A Meat Lovers and a Ham, Pineapple and Jalapeno. Nummers!

Dylls stretching for the girls the next lane over.........Ladies, lock up your daughters because the boy hits high school this fall!
CD playing with her new toy, A Satellite tracker before we set off on a walk through the Sitka Spruce plantation on Amaknak Island, one of the few places with Trees in all of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.

Bella, The mighty Hunter Romping and playing!

And a proud Doggie-Mommie.

CD did not believe you could pet bumblebees. You can. Used to do it all the time back at my Grandmum's when they were on the Hollyhocks there.
Easily the tallest tree on the island.

Bella, Smelling the flowers! Super Cute!

A a neighbors dog some to play.

King of the Hill! I win!

Then it was on to a nightmare that shows the tragic outcome of uncontrolled Hoarding........
CD's storage locker. Yup, there is even more up top!
I am thinking about submitting this to that new show "Hoarders" as a perfect example of an "Organized Hoarder" At least she is not an Unorganized one!

The Cruise Ship Clipper Odyssey Docked in Dutch Harbor on Saturday and of course I was one of the Tourgides.

So from the WWII museum........ the Museum of the Aleutians near the Hotel..........

........To the Cathedral............ Memorial Park we went!. The Weather kept getter Better and Better as the Day went on.

Just look at the Difference from just three-four weeks ago at Memorial Day.....
......till now.
We had some time at the end so a group of cruisers and I walked back to the Ship from the WWII museum..........

.........and they were lucky enough to see the Goose take off!

April and Demitri with little Baby Veronika also were in town yesterday, coming over on the Ferry for the day.
Both of them were fascinated with the Satainless steel straws we had for sale in the Gift shop.

Once I was done with work CD, Manderzz and Sugar (AG's Dog) picked me up for a BBQ at their place, with a Quick Side Trip to the "Waste Disposal Facility"

Don't even think of calling it a "Dump". Dumps do not have views like this!

Frozen Amaretto Sours!
AG's Potato Salad, CD's Burgers (Which I burnt, Super Sorry!)
And Grilled Corn on the Cob, which turned out really good!
Then it was off for a walk with the Pups, and us in our shorts. My God my legs are white!
I can not believe you two are leaving me During July! Meanies! Just wait till my Super Secret Vacation in September! (Not revealing where I am going to my bloggers or family until I get there. It will be a shock and suprise to everyone! Those of you who know already KEEP QUIET!)

Sugar and Bella Playing!

Finally, a quick Drive by at the Soccer Field to see Dylls playing goalie for all the High School students........especially the Girls huh Dylls?

Anyway, I will try to be a better blogger and blog more this week.
Have a great one everybody!