Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to all my Followers

Welcome To
Bryan Kraai

A Little Bunker up on "Bunker Hill" Yesterday.

So, What has been going on with me?

Well, We finished Decorating the tree,
The Front Desk staff of Ferdie, Hilda and Alex are all ready for the Coast Guard ship expected in today( if you look through the door all the way to the back you can see my office)And The Nutcracker Parade will guard the Decorations tonight.

I got a bit of a cold yesterday, but made up homemade chicken noodle soup last night and I feel better today. Or I did untill my I-phone went and "updated" itself to the new 2.2 format which wiped out my "unlocking" of it for use in Dutch Harbor. So Now I have to download (at our super slow island speed) another program to unlock and activate it again. SOOOOOO I am without a Cell phone till tomorrow. Oh Joy!!!
The Cornelia Marie is doing well, and just turning gear now in an atempt at their last 110,000# offload date on December 8th. I promise photos when they get back.
Again welcome to all the newbies. Please feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about Dutch and your favorite boat from Deadliest Catch.
Have a great Day

Friday, November 28, 2008

An Ode to Thanksgiving Blessings;The Cornelia Marie, Christmas Trees, Friends, Turkey, Dogs, Wine, Gale Warnings And A Donkey

An Apolology in Advance to every poet that has lived or ever will live. Forgive me for what I am about to do.....................

A Dutch Harbor Thanksgiving

A Dutch Harbor Thanksgiving begins with a blow,
of 60 mile per hour gusts from the Bering Sea out your door.........
Oh Captain Phil of the Cornelia Marie,
She just does not like the Bering Sea,
Between the Months of October and December
You will need ANOTHER Overhaul on your engine...........
And Why oh Why would someone buy,
A 14 foot Tree that touches the sky,
When the Tallest Ladder they have, reaches only 9ft plus 3?
Leaves you wondering along with me..............

Still The Girls did their best and the Tree really glowed,

till the 20 year old lightbulbs gave up their ghost.
Still Goldfish's Turkey was Golden and moist,

A First Turkey TRIUMPH for this wonderful host!

The Food Wine and Song were as fun as Can be,
Though Kari Cheated while playing the Wii!
Chico And Kali romped through the house,
Finding every Crumb Dropped, none left for a mouse!

Too Soon the Day was over,

After Talk of some Donkey,

Time to go home,

And Prepare for that nights storm.

Best Wishes all,
To you from me,
Loving Dutch Harbor
And the Bering Sea!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Grand Aleutian Gift Shop

As promised, your inside view of the Gift Shop
Will You join me inside?We have many hand made Russian Icons and Glass eggs on sale to honor our "sister" city in Russia Petropavlavsk. Guess what Shirley, Ken and Buttons are getting for Christmas?
Our selection of Serving trays and stemware is the best on the island, and the most popular during the Holiday Season.
Just like Steve, Goldfish and Chico Have at their place!!! Available in Two Sizes.
Lori, How about an "Island Girl" Top from Dutch Harbor?
And BZ, How Could I not Look at this and think of you? Yes, it is in your size!!
And Plenty of "Deadliest Catch" Treasures.
You can call the gift shop directly at 907-581-3844 to place any orders, or e-mail
Have A Great Day!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the Gift Shop

So, I was Going to do a special post on the Gift Shop at the Grand Aleutian today, but then when I was checking rooms I noticed we had a Visitor on the back deck.

A juvenile bald eagle was just sitting there, taking in the sights after this mornings light snow.

Pyramid Peak is just looking so Inviting Today!!! I can not wait till summer to try to get up there!!!

And BZ, I have not Forgotten About you!!!!!

And I promise a FULL post on the Grand's Gift Shop Tomorrow, Unless I get some good shots of the Fox that the Housekeepers feed near the First Floor east side back entrance.................

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A very Windy, Rainy, Sleety, Snowy Sunday

I am now glad I did my trek around Little South America's beaches yesterday as a storm started hitting us last night around 9pm (Alaska Time) and just has not stopped. Slow Down occassionally, yes, but cease, no. FUN!!! It seems to slow down for a bit and then as you are crossing the Street to the Grocery Store you get hit with Hurricane Force Winds for a good Two minutes, which, if you were stupid enough to wear your huge black Macedonian Wool Trenchcoat out into, causes you to nearly become an airbore Human sized Raven.

ANYHOOOO, This is the reason no trek to Ballyhoo today. Good Day to Stay inside, do laundry, cleaning, baking, AND enjoy Brunch At The Grand Aleutian.
The Sunday Cold Bar The Sunday Hot Bar, Omlette Stations, and Carving Block

And Of Course the real "Measure" of ANY Sunday Brunch, The Dessert SectionDid I mention that Hotel Employees eat for free, and The MOUNTAIN DEW is Always on tap?Thank God this is a PEPSI Town!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

FV Early Dawn.....Just Desserts

If you ask your regular viewer of the Deadliest Catch "Was there a boat on the show you ever hated?"
The answers would be "Yes", Followed by "The Early Dawn". From the "know-it-all" captain, who could not find the crab, to the Annoying-Lazy son of the ships owner who should have been fired for falling asleep on watch, to the fact that they pulled out before King Crab Season was even over with there was plenty to dislike. Many of us were asking "We lost the Maverick and the Farwest Leader for these fools?"
Many people might be pleased to know that the Early Dawn is docked in The Small Boat Harbor here in Dutch After King Crab season. It is also known as the "Ghetto Harbor", where alot of small transient houseboats are also docked. In addition it is THIRD from the dock, which I think is not the greatest spot as you have to cross two other boats to get to your ship.

Just to Bring back some fond memories enjoy the next two shots. Deadliest Catch Fans should love them. Both are still fishing from Dutch, and I for one Miss them!!!

First Post

I suppose I should have something Monumental and Moving to say now........Hummmmmmm....

My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.
Albert Einstein

Sounds good for a start.

Three photos, literally taken minutes apart, from almost the exact same location. In the middle picture there is a slight rainbow, caught and saved, that no one else on Earth may have have witnessed. I had gotten home from work after a short day, and had alot to do around the apartment, but something (or SOMEONE) just kept telling me to go and take a walk; there is something special out there for you today.
SOOOOO much better than two hours spent in the Laundry Room.