Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guess Which Bering Sea Gold Dredge, Musk Ox at the grocery store, and puppy sitting!

So while over by the dock I caught sight of this:

Who's Dredge is that Bering Sea Gold Fans?

After Picking up some groceries at the AC we stopped to watch some Musk Ox that were grazing just down the hill

Such amazing creatures, and as long as you stay out of their way,  as peaceful as cows

Though never approach too close

And Finally Kyle and I had the pleasure of watching the cutest little Husky puppy last night named Ice.

Also thanks to the Pinkerton Guys and the front desk for watching her when she would not go to sleep at 2am......and 4am.......and 6am........

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Laurell K Hamilton Dedication for her New Novel "A Shiver of Light", In Nome Alaska, On the Solstice, with over 22 Hours of Sunshine Today!

So, Regular Readers of the Blog will Remember That I am Partial To Laurell K Hamilton Novels, and The Merry Gentry Series In Particular. Now the LAST TIME (Almost 5 Years Ago!!!) that Laurell Released a Merry Gentry Novel I gave it a Great Blogging Tour Around Dutch Harbor/Unalaska on the
 SHORTEST day of the Year. (December 21, the Winter Solstice)
How Great is it that Now that I am in Nome Alaska, on the Summer Solstice, and FINALLY another Gentry Novel is Released.
So, Allow me to Show Laurell And "A Shiver of Light" around Nome Alaska on the
 LONGEST day Of the Year (June 21 Summer Solstice)
A day with over 22 hours of Sunlight
First Stop, the Front Desk of my NEW hotel The Aurora Inn and Suites.
(Light Themes Everywhere Huh?) Paula and Peggy are interested in starting the series once I get my books shipped up here, But they MAY hunt Laurell Down to steal the Boots she is wearing on the back cover.

Next, The New Miniature SUNflowers that we just got put in at the Front Planter

So what time in the Day would you guess this is, 10-10:30 am?
Try 7am, the Sun has already been up for like 4 hours

A few shots from the Seawall right across the street from the Hotel, looking out into the Bering Sea

Next Checking out a few of my over 60 car/truck/van Rental fleet

Then, It was time to gas up my car for a few quick hops around town. Over $6.00 a gallon gas would cause a revolution down south, here we are just glad it is not $7.00

Still enough to give you a little "Shiver" when Paying almost $100 for 15 1/2 gallons though

The Cemetery is right near by though for those who's heart cant take the prices!

As is the Small Boat Harbor

And the Airport

The FIRST sign welcoming you into Nome if you arrive by plane

Down at the Main Port and Harbor

You can see a few of the Dredges made Popular by the Show "Bering Sea Gold" out in the Distance

And Of COURSE, besides the Gold the Race that Puts NOME on the Radar for every Alaskan and sled dog owner in the country every March, The End post of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.
Since the reintroduction of the Race in 1973 thousands of Mushers and dogs have made the grueling 8 day to 2 week 1,000 mile journey from Anchorage to Nome and cross between these posts at the End down on front street. And Now a Shiver of Light has as well!

The Book in Anvil Square in the Largest Gold Pan in the world!

And the statues of some of the Miners. (I swear I heard this statue say "look at them Gams" when viewing the back cover)

And Yes, if You have not Already started a Laurell K Hamilton Book, either the Merry Gentry or Anita Blake Vampire Hunter is worth as much as any gold you happen to find.

Next, on to the Midnight Sun Folk Fest at the Elementary School

And being introduced to a few new friends!

Then it was on to the White Alice Communication System Site, a Relic left over from the cold war that allowed communication in Alaska between remote Air Force bases, The Early Warning Ballistic Missile Defense system and just the Remote Communities scattered across Alaska.
To learn more go to :

Until you get right up to them you underestimate the Size of these monsters.
Look at the Hardcover copy of "A Shiver of Light" on the Bottom Right

Missing it? Look again

Then it was a bit of a climb to one of the highest climbable spots around Nome.
What is even more Amazing then being able to see for about 100 mile radius all around is the fact that these pictures are all taken at 10pm at night.
Still Over 4 hours till the sun sinks below the Horizon

But this herd of Musk Oxen seem to be rather enjoying the long, long daylight hours.

You can click on any of these pictures to see the larger version were you can see much larger and more detailed shots. From this vantage point you can see all the way  from the Kigluaik Mountains, to Sledge Island and Out onto the Bering Sea.
Simply Breathtaking!
For those of you not familiar with the area:

And to show just how far it is from Unalaska/Dutch Harbor:



And I must Admit, I was so struck by the beauty around me I did not read a chapter of the Book once I climbed up here as I originally Intended.

I Don't Think Laurell will mind though

Oh, BTW that is what I climbed up to get these shots. For any adventurers you need to scale the Side facing Nome to have any chance of getting up here without breaking your neck,

And Finally to Round out the Night I found the OTHER Musk Ox Herd Rather Closer to town, Sunning themselves near the Hospital and Police Stations Across from AC


So Now, FINALLY time to get to two of my Favorite things in the World! Mountain Dew and a Laurell K Hamilton Book!!
Have a Great Day Everyone!