Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unalaska City Council Meeting

So Last Night I attended my First City Council Meeting.....

...And I am Glad I Did!!! Found out that the time for the Fireworks tonight has been switched from Midnight to 10pm!! And I also voiced my disapproval over the actions of a few small minded zelots who want to ban smoking in the Bars of Dutch Harbor. (Seriously, can you imagine the boys from DC not being able to have a Cig with a beer after 3 months at sea?)

City Hall and Unalaska from the Hill by the Main building.

Shot of the Council Chamber before the meeting begins. Notice my Lovely stylist Katherine over on the Right of the picture, and on the Lower left is Lisa, the Best Bartender in Dutch Harbor. (you have seen her on Deadliest Catch, the Short Specials on the Discovery Channel AND on After the Catch)

And Here are my two FAVORITE ladies in Dutch Harbor. Katherine, from the Salon at The Grand, And Shirley, the Mayor of Unalaksa. (BZ, if you both were not married you and Shirley would make a Perfect pair!!! She is totally Palin-esque) Though they are from different Political Parties, both of them work together on council in a way that should happen everywhere!! Inspiring to see, Especially with two of the Other idiots on there holding up the Meeting till almost 11pm last night with nonsense!!! A Certain MR PECK better watch his words this year, or CB just might have to take his little "Seat" away from him!!!!
Peck is the Guy in Blue on the Left of the screen. Basically he drug out the meeting last night with useless and stupid questions and Objections. (Like asking if the reclosers that the city is buying for the Power House expansion project will work with the existing equipment. No, Mr Peck, the city is spending $239,095 dollars on equipment that will not work!!!) Basically he is a bitter, bitter man that got fired from his city job and now exists to only find fault with everything the city Does. His term is up this year. Who thinks CB should Run?
And Finally A picture that I forgot to add yesterday. This is the view from Katherie's Salon window. Imagine getting your hair done while looking out at a view of Ballyhoo!!
And Finally WELCOME to Copperpossum , Reading, Sugar Queens Dream And octoberone, The Newest Followers of Dutch Harbor Dirt!!! (Love the cakes on your blog Sugar!!!)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Aveda Salon at the Grand

Carlisleboy has an appointment today at the Cape Sarichef Aveda Salon at The Grand Aleutian with Katherine!

Katherine has a full range of Aveda products from shampoos, conditioners, aromatherapy, styling products, and perfumes/colognes.
Three Seats!!! No waiting!!!
And Just the thing for those Short Winter days.....A tanning bed to help brighten your day

Ok all, Off to my hair appointment!! She even talks about it on her new blog that I helped her start today!!!
Go, Give her some love!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Months in Dutch, What inspires me every day.

Today Marks Two Months in Dutch. What do I love about it so Far?
I Love that NOTHING beats having a Mountain Dew once you climb the Bunker on Bunker Hill.
I Love seeing Eagles every day!
I Love Alexander the best Eagle around!
I Love Checking rooms and seeing views like this out every window.
I Love finding new places and things that I have have not seen before, like this temporary waterfall on the road to Summer Bay.
I Love Little Priest Rock!
I Love The Sunrise!!

ALL of them!!

Most of all I love being able to share this with each of you!!!

Keep those Comments Comming, and soon something you said will be a Post on


AND Welcome to Angel Girl and ErieLady The Newest Followers of Dirt!!

Special Hi to Erie Lady as I grew up in Northwest PA in Elk County!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Sunday Brunch of 2008, Lots of Deadliest Catch news, and by popular request Junior!!!

Welcome to Leigh, Steve J, crabby in jersey, and nordlys, The Newest Dirt Followers! Please Join Margrita,la isla d'lisa, Fizz Wood, Elizabeth,gbbarb,Alexis08r, Lauri, rpascale, Nebraska Outbback,homergirl78, MeowMix, purrduedvm, Bonnie, Helen, GryffHoo, Ninja-Motorhome, Mystic, sunshiner, Dani, Miss, 13rook3, snowymistyriver, BunnyC, TexasHoosier,Lori,Bryan Kraai, Kim, Kathy, Ang, Janice, Alaska Steve, Frieda, Mom, Ernie, Joann, Austin, Shirley, Ken,AND BUTTONS and Everyone else for Sunday Brunch At the Grand Aleutian.

With How our little group has Grown I have had to take over the ENTIRE bottom section of the Chart Room so we can all get those coveted Window Seats!
And What a View we have today!! It is so Crisp and cool you can see almost forever!. Contrast these photos with what I posted yesterday!! Nordlys, I figured with your location this would be the first spot you would hit on any Sunday Brunch..... (Yes Frieda, Mystic, Sunshiner, Helen, Bonnie, and Ang the Bloody Mary bar is in it's usual spot down in Cape Cheerful. Bunny C Away from the desserts!! Suzisippi I see You, Put DOWN THE CHOCOLATE CAKE!)
At Least get some eggs ....
....Or a Waffle before you start consuming Mass quanities of alcohol.
Hey, The Orange Glazed Pork Chops are Nummy!!!!
And Now, By popular request, (And in once Case a Threat) Here is a Shot of Junor at the Carving station. Remember to tip him, he is saving for school!!!

NOW you can go to the dessert table. You may notice that another of my pineapple Upside down cakes and one of my chocolate cakes is also making an apperance. Kim, You are not allowed to eat ALL of the cheesecakes today!!! Remember last Sunday? No? Really? That would have been the SUGAR COMA!!!
Now, Does everyone have their plates and drinks all set up? (Like I even need to Ask when it comes to the Northwestern and Cornelia Marie Ladies). Lets Talk Deadliest Catch!!!
Up in the Conference rooms the Gear is all stitting, just waiting for Opies!!
Did you know that they recycle ALL of the Batteries they use on the boats? You should see the bags and bags they ship out of here!!
You can see the one picture target on the wall that almost every camera for the entire show is set by!! Before they went home for the Holidays they even got the outline up for the story board for the first week of shooting starting on Jan. 4th

Time Bandit:These Shots are of the New Improved Time Bandit from back in October. They did a huge overall of the boat in the off-season, giving them more speed, more cargo hold. rebuilds of the crane and launcher, and *Spoiler Alert* they added a HOT TUB to the deck!!!

Cornelia Marie: I think it is an "Open Secret" That Captain Phil did NOT captain the boat for Red King Crab. We all hope, and the plan still is, that he will be back for Opies. I Have a Suite at the Grand Aleutan just waiting for you Phil!! (Hopefully security can keep the ladies away) Dave Milman is off the Boat and a new Deckhand Corey is in. And Plan to see more of Freddy and his wife on this blog as they live in Dutch, and they are both AWESOME people.

Northwestern: The NW was drydocked for most of the offseason for a $750,000.00 overhaul. There is some tension brewing between the Hansen Clan and the non-Hansens on the boat. And *SPOILER ALERT* there is an interview out there that Mat thad a "Slip" In his recovery from addiction issues over the summer before king Crab season Began. Personally I hope that this slip is his last and know that he is strong enough to oversome this. Also There is talk of Matt and Jake leaving the NW for other fisheries. Nice to see the two of them getting along so well this year after last year's "Trouble" (Note to all I have edited this post to clear up some unintentionally vague language that some people thought implied that Matt's "Slip Up" was more recent. I apologize to any Northwestern Fans that took it that way, and will make sure I am more precise in the future)

The Wizard: Keith put over $400,000.00 into the boat in the offseason to fix the damage we all saw last season. Still it is one of the toughest boats out there, and they got their quota in early which proves them as one of the best boats in the fleet. The new green horns Cooper and Lynn did not make it for King Season this year but hopefully they will be back in opies. In the meantime a new Greenhorn for the Wizard is Josh Warner. *Spoiler Alert* Did everyone know that sweet Lenny Does not like Cameramen?

I hope you all enjoyed the last Sunday Brunch of 2008!! Just a few more days and Pollock "A" Season begins and then Opilio Crab.

See you all next week!!!

And To all of you coming here from the Discovery Channel Links WELCOME!! I do the Brunch for everyone on Sunday's but I post almost every day, and you never know when some new Deadliest Catch news will end up on here, So check back often!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Assorted Christmas Shots

These are all taken a day or two before Christmas when I was really starting to Worry that I would not have Christmas Snow. But the big guy upstairs came through for me, dropping the temperature almost 20 Degrees overnight and whipping up a nice little storm on Christmas day in the Afternoon. Thanks God!!!

Just some nice shots from the Chart Room where we have our Sunday Brunches.

The Gift Shop was kept busy from morning till night wrapping gifts on the days leading up to Christmas.

And the last Three Shots are taken from the Alaska Ship Supply Store, out on the Spit in Dutch.

I really do need to just upload Google Earth with all the Correct Names and placement for everything here. This far from the equator GPS mapping does not work which is why the streets are all misplaced when you look at them in Google Earth. I'll have to see what I can Do.


Don't Miss It!!

I Promise Deadliest Catch Shots you will not see anywhere else!!!!

Oh, And A belated Welcome to Suzassippi!!!

Christmas Day Poem

Christmas Day Started Off,
Very Cool I must Say,
With a Sliver of Moon Rising up
Haystack Way.....
... The Waves were Crashing,
All along Unalaska Bay,
What a Great way to Start,
This most special of days........The Crab Pots are nestled,
All snug on the shore,
Just waiting for January,
and the Opilio Score.......Finally some snow arrives,
Thanks to Chico Bellow,
It's Amazing what Puppy Powers,
Can bring to the show!!!
One of the Greatest Nativity Scenes,
I have ever seen,
Can be found in Unalaska,
Over at Alaska Steve'sThe Moose all wear Costumes,
From Joseph to sheep,
All tied on with string,
But Sculpted I Think.
CB Was Baking,
All night and Day,
7 Desserts,
Had to make it out of his kitchen that way!! Two Cherry CheeseCakes,
and a Spice Cake with Icing,
Fresh Gingerbread Cake,
with real whipped cream for a topping,
Dark Chocolate cake
with both Cream Cheese and Coccoa Icing,
and Brownies topped with
Pecans and Coconut Toastings..... But the Grand Dame Of all,
(even I was Impressed)
Was the Pineapple Cake,
With two colors of Cherries..but I digress...

...All for the Hospitality Christmas Pary

Where I was the Host.

It went off Great,

As CB's Parties do,

with Double the turnout,

Of the Last year or Two!!

Then Off to bed,

Another posting is up next,

If CB Can handle

Today's Employee Mess!!