Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Temple of Horus at Edifu, 100 degrees at 10 am.....

The Temple of Horus at Edifu is the most complete Temple from Pharonic times left in Egypt, and possibly the most beautiful.
It was buried in Sand for almost 2000 years thus leading to the Amazing state of Preservation of all the Heiroglyphics and carvings.
Like most of the Rest of Egypt, THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of tourists pass through every day.........."Desecrating" these "Holy Places" according to............One. Probably does not want the Native populations to hunt whales, use gill nets or eat seal either. This is one of their main resources and they use it. Over 50% of the Egyptian Economy derives from Tourism. About 15% of the Working population of the country works in Tourism. The "Desecration" of the "Holy Sites" came years ago, when People from other countries, Who thought they "Knew Better" than the Native Polulation, came and took priceless artifacts from this country. You know, like How the Current Adminstration and Democratic Congress thinks they "Know Better" than the average, "Ordinary", "Little" people and decided to Tax us all to Hell with a Health Care Bill that 70% of the Population did not want.
Taking a picture is not Desecration. Taking a picture provides much needed money to the Decendants of the amazing people who built these places. Edifu Temple took over 100 years to build, but now over 2,200 years later it gives the decendants of the very people who worked on it then jobs, schools, hospitals, transportation, and modern infastructure.
Desecration? Try Preservation. Try Salvation.
Sorry for that everyone. Just need to keep the Haters in their place.

ANYWAY, we had a wonderful morning in this Beautiful place.
I am Going to have so many pictures to share that I actually might put a sizeable dent in my 1 Terabyte drive.

In fact I may have to do one whole post on stupid tourist photo poses that friends make you take.

Cruising down the Nile as I post this on the way to Aswan. Loving Egypt so far...........though 100 degrees at 10am was a bit much this morning. The cruise boat is wonderful. Many more photos of that later.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Meridian Pyramids Hotel, The Step Pyramid and Memphis. BUSY Day with a nice rest at the end.

This is how we ended a very busy day, swimming and having a drink at the hotel "Swim Up" bar, with the Pyramid Complex at Giza in the background. How Awesome is that?
The Step Pyramid is undergoing some massive Reconstruction to replace/repair the outer casing. Still an Amazing sight.
The Entire Complex with the Step Pyramid is surrounded by an outer wall wherein the King would conduct a series of rituals showing that he was still fit to lead the nation. When he was sone he would stand in this spot and recieve the Double Crown once again. (Little bit more complex than this but you get the jist) Anyhoo Sacha and I are standing in the same place in the same pose. Another picture brought to you by the "Backsheesh" (Tipping/Bribe) custom. A little money goes a LONG way here, and the Security Guards suppliment their megar incomes this way. It might not be How it should be, but it is instutionalized, and who are we to judge a culture that goes back 6,000 years?

Anyway, before that were were at a museum in Memphis, Many more pictures later.
I literally have over 500 pictures so far and I have only been here three days. Today we flew to Luxor and Got on our cruise ship from which I am posting right now. This is a free day and after the last few I need it! Legs sore and just a bit tired. Tomorrow we do the Temple of Horus at Edifu. Should be amazing! If I can I will post some more pictures later today after Afternoon Tea on the Boat.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Egypt...........the not quite legal pictures

So.............anyway.............there might have been a few photos taken that "accidently" violated some minor laws........
.........Like I guess we were not supposed to climb this wall at the Great Pyramid.....
.........But new friends Sacha and JoAnn did not know this either..........
.......... And Neither did their Dad Sam........
And you are not supposed to take pictures, or flirt with the tourist security police.........
.........and this wall was DEFINITELY off limits.......at least according to the guards.......
........And even though Cameras are not Allowed "Inside" the Pyramid some photos might have been taken with the I-Phone as I was checking for a signal.........

.......Literally, it was like 100 degrees in there and 1oo% humidity!! You have to crawl down into and then up two different narrow tunnels. I lost my Blue hat AND some seaglass that just happened to be in my pocket along with another special item. It's possible that all these events interferred with the I-Phone and caused pictures to be spontaniously taken...........the "staging" is entirely cooncidenctial.

Deep in the Heart of the Pyramid.......the actual Burial Chamber........you can actually feel the weight of Centuries bearing down on you. You are only allowed in for 10 minutes and pretty much that is all Sacha and I coud take. SOOOOOOO HOT!! Once we got out it was a good 10 minute recovery time before we could walk back on down to the other pyramids.

Again.........all these pictures......."Accidently", might have, possibly, violated some laws.

Sorry Egypt!

Early morning tomorrow........Drive to Memphis and Saquarra...so much more later!

Enjoy everyone!

Where Is CB? A small tribute to Captain Phil Harris.......

Take a guess................................
Yup, that Right, EGYPT!!

On a Camel in a Cornelia Marie Crew Shirt!
This Post, Heck this TRIP is Dedicated To Captain Phil Harris..............

Life is too short sometimes........Follow your Dreams.................and maybe take an HIGHLY Illegal photo inside a Pyramid or two..............
Today was a Whirlwind...........many more photos and stories to come!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Derick and Alicia, gone for College part 2

What better way to say Goodbye to these two than a BBQ?
Of Course BBQing at CD house is the perfect Venue (Wonderful location, view Huge BBQ Space etc) It does come with it's own set of challanges...............
Like Finding a Basting Brush. No, I do not want any liquorice Altoids from the special containeer CD.
Ok, So it is not in a silverware drawer,
It's not in the Odds and ends drawer
Or in the OTHER odds and ends Drawer
No going to find it in the "Sprinkles" Drawer
No luck in the "Cupcake Liner Drawer"
No Luck in the upper levels of the "Spice Caves"
Or in the Lower Depths of the "Spice Caves"
The Drinking mix Quadrant provided no clues
SO it was time to hit the Booze.
AG making the salad just laughed as we planned the intervention for the next season of "Hoarders"
Bacon Wrapped Fillet Mignons, Chicken, and some beef tips with bacon.
Bring on the Grill. No Unalaskan BBQ is complete without salmon, Thanks AG!
Even some nice vegatables for stir-frying! Notice all the nice green Hills and lovely flowers in this and later photos. I watered the Island pretty good before I leave tomorrow, so I EXPECT IT TO STAY THAT WAY. If not I will have to blame CD, Veda and AG for not taking care of it when I am gone.

Super Numminess!

Perfect Salmon!

And Derick making his last deserts, Pudding topped crowns of Philo Dough.

Then it was off to Replenish Glass Beach with Derick in the back,
And Bella who had her very own seat.

Again, Notice the nice Lush Green island.

Derick Retreiving a bottle that did not break

And CB puts his past behind him with a promise to not drink anymore UNOPENED or opened bottles of wine found while salmonbery picking.
And Then Bella Met Dakota (Dan's Dog)

A long contest of stick throwing and retreiving ensued

While the majority of us hunted for beach glass.

Unfortunately Dakota, being the older pup had the best skills, but I bet by next year at this time Bella will come out on top.

A Really nice YELLOW find for AG no matter What Derick and CD say about it being brown.

A Boy and his mum. Like you couldn't tell by the teeth alone!
Bella and her boy.
Finally the day was here when they were to fly So CB made his patented Grief packets.

Good to go.
And Because we never know how the plane ride is going to be, And Because a little Archangel was wispering in my ear, I got the Kids 12" subs. Chips, Chocolate and Mountain Dew.
Where is Derick?
The Plane is Already here!!!
FINALLY They get there!

And Just in time for some last family shots

From Junor and Juno to Alicia and Derick.............

Now the tears start.............................

One last shot and then they were away...........................Sorta
Because Derick was teasing CB about getting the new I-Phone right away when he got to Seattle the plane ride turned into quite an ordeal for them. They Flew from Dutch to King Salmon, landed, took on fuel then to Anchorage where they could not land due to heavy fog, so back to King Salmon where they again refueled and tied for Anchorage only to again be sent back to King Salmon, Only ending up in hotel rooms about 4am. Then it was not looking good again until Derick to MY advice and apologized to Saint Michael the Archangel outloud on the plane. they made it right into Anchorage then, but still had to wait for the flight to Seattle till late that next evening.
Lesson Learned.
I fly out to Seattle Tomorrow for a few days there before I head to my Secret Vacation spot. I'll try to post one more before I get there. If not the Next post will be from someplace amazing on the 24th.
Have a great Day!