Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Sunday Brunch Of August, CB IS MAD!!, Junior Photos Wind, Waves, Seaglass, Young love part Deux, Puffins, and CB is going to the United Kingdom?

OK, Now before Brunch Starts I want to Address the Over-Caffinated SOB who left all these crappy Starbucks Cans along the route I walk around Bunker Hill most every night. I will find you, and I will find a creative, artistic and quite possibly painful way to return these cans to you.
And Stop Drinking Starbucks!!! It is just overpriced Battery Acid.

Ok, There Done. Now on to Sunday Bruch!

A "Newer" Chef is joining the Bruch Today, Sean there in the middle has been helping out up at the Grand More Recently and not down at the Unisea Inn. I have really enjoyed a few of his lunches recently. Joining him are Willie and Paul. Paul is just back from Vacation and is styling in his new Chefs jacket.

Rich was in a great creative mode this week and so we got to delight in some wonderful food. These Waffles were really good with nice chunks of Hazelnuts. The Maply butter was great on top too.

This egg dish was really good too. sorta a Latin Eggs Benedict on a corn muffin base with a Chili Sauce. Really tasty.

Chicken and Steak Skewers, you just can't go wrong.

Rich also did up two "breads" One a Pistacio Almond, the Other a Zuchinni and olive oil, both with Apricot Preserves. VERY VERY TASTY!!!

And Of Course the Dessert Table.

So LAST Sunday I was not here, and Junior Ended up taking some shots. We agreed a Double Shot Sunday Bruch Would be the Best so Here is what you missed Last week All thanks to Junior!!

Junior is turning into a really good photographer. Here is a shot from his Photography Class of the playground over by the school looking out into the Bay.
He is going through a "Sushi" phase right now


Really good shots of his Desserts.........

And the salads and one of the Main Courses.

Great Shots Junior!!! You can take pictures when I am on my trip...............(More on that Later)

Now, it has been a bit windy and stormy up here, and because of CB quitting smoking and walking this route every night you will see "During" and "After" Photos. You saw the "Before" photos the other day on the last post.

Windy, Waves Crashing and lots of Kelp/Seaweed being washed up.

Lots and Lots and Lots Of Seaweed.

The Waves were really really awesome, these photos do not do them justice and you totally miss the sounds of the crashing surf. Funny though, right in the midst of it all I founf this perfect little sunflower.

So, Two days later I got CD, Dills and MS to go with me to check it all out again. Basically a whole new shoreline has been created with the Kelp/rocks/Sand washed up. Very neat if a bit slippery to walk on.........

And After the storm is a Perfect time to find Sea-glass/Beach-glass!! Look at this awesome piece MS found for her Mum AG!!!

Lots of things were ripped right off the Ocean Floor and tossed on the beach, Like this sea urchin.

Dills was going to open and eat it until I reminded him that this is near the mixing zone for the city and Unisea's Waste Water, so It is not a good Idea.

Again, I am going to Find you You SOB!!!

Maybe I will let the Puffins Handle you!!!

The View from the top of Lions Rock is soo cool we even got CD and MS to climb up!!

Dills, Probably to impress MS gecided to start Climbing in this rope line off the cliff up the beach.

The only thing that did not truely make this a big bold manly thing was his underwear hanging out of his PJ bottoms........................LOL Sorry Dills, it was just too good a shot not to post!!!

Once he was safely back down we found another empty can. This is Probably the only thing I can think of worse than Starbucks.......Beer, Tomato juice, Clam juice and Lime juice? OMG!! I just threw up in my mouth a little just writing that.............

AAAWWWWWWW Young Love!!!

The Beach Glass Collection that I have to sort through to get everyone out their pieces!!

AND FINALLY some CB Vacation news. I will be spending two weeks doing a driving trip across the UK for my vacation starting on the 15th of September. ALL the little yellow "pushpins" highlight the locations I will be staying at. From London to Loch Ness, From Edinburgh to Cardiff CB will cover quite a bit of the UK with the exception of Northern Ireland. Just can not fit that in and still be back in time for the King Crab Season to start. I will be publishing specific dates and times later in case any of my UK followers wants to get together for Lunch or a Pint.

Ok, Now back to a Super Full hotel and lots of rooms to check!!

Have a Great Sunday