Saturday, December 31, 2011

Deadliest Catch Boats 2011-2012, The Carl E Moses WORKING Harbor, Lots of Snow and The Hospitality Christmas Party

OK, So it's been snowing for like 2 weeks without a break until today. This is a little unusual for Unalaska. It will snow, then rain and everything will melt, so the Fisherman coming back this year are due for a surprise, as they will have to shovel the boats out before they can even Start fishing. All this winter weather makes me think fondly of the Beautiful Summer we had, the day that it got to 78 degrees, lots of sun, wonderful Salmon berries and the like. Oh, and A visit from my FAVORITE US Senator, Lisa Murkowski!!

It really was not so long ago that the Senator was here and with our wonderful Mayor Shirley Marquardt Dedicated the Carl E Moses New Small Boat Harbor.

Katherine, Lisa and Shirley.......
So I took a little trip over there today to see how things are going............
Lot more white, Lots of boats
And Sorry DC fans I missed the Rambling Rose by a day being here, they headed out to fish for Cod Last night before Opolio Season starts on the 15th.
But I DID catch the SeaBrooke Tied Up down at the Unisea Docks.
Third out and lots of snow and Ice awaiting those guys!!
So, Like I said before, there has been pretty much just a constant snow for the past few weeks, only like a couple of inches a night, and it has been cold enough that the snow is light, but it still adds up to like 3 feet or so.

In just a week Since the photo bellow was taken there is much more on the Northwestern.

I guess the 2 Jake's are going to be having some fun Shoveling!!!

Meanwhile, out on the Spit Dock Hilarity Ensued..............
Remember last week when I posted this photo of the Rocky Point that sank while moored to the Pacific Knight?
Well today, In a move that can only be Called "Dutch Engineering" they attempted to move it Up? Out? Around? ??? with a backhoe and some chain.
Sorry, I really did not want to get too close and get cut in half if the Chain broke or the Backhoe went ass-over-teakettles into the drink. Just click on the pictures and zoom in if you want a closer look.
After about 30 minutes with the attempts proving more futile and dangerous than productive the endeavor was called off.
I mean really, you could actually see the Back end of the Backhoe lifting up off the ground and hear it slamming back down!

Finally, the Hospitality Christmas Party took place on Christmas night down at the Harbor View Bar.
It's like the one night of the year when enough people can be off from the hotel that we can all enjoy some time together.
And OF course the Infamous Gift Exchange, Full of Stealing presents once unwrapped, backstabbing, gag gifts and the like.

Like this one, where Darlene had to unwrap 12 boxes to finally get to the real gift inside!

And a nice Thank You along with the Bonus from Our General Manager Tom Enlow for the Hotel's biggest year ever! (Yeah, Ever!! We were that Busy! You might have notice how many fewer blog posts I did this year......that was why!)
And we are all ready for an even bigger year in 2012!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Deadliest Catch Boats on Christmas Day 2011, and the Unisea Christmas Party

Merry Christmas From Unalaska and the International Port of Dutch Harbor!
Lori asked me to go Check on the Northwestern so the poor girl was not all lonely today.......She's fine, nice and snug at the dock.
You many have noticed, we have a bit of's been pretty much snow every day since Tuesday.........and we have a good couple of Inches on the Ground/
If it stays cold the boys are going to have to shovel before they can even get on board!

The winds have drifed a lot of the snow back out to the ocean and into gulleys and spots between buildings so it goes from barely a scattering on the ground to drifts of several feet, I almost got stuck pulling out from the NW dock to head to the spit dock.
And as usual it goes from nice calm blue skies to a snow squall in a matter of as usual on the Aleutian Islands.

Some boats out at the Spit dock did not handle the weather so well this time, and the Little boat always attached to the Pacific Knight is now underwater.
Looks like they got up the spill buoys and pads in time to stop the Oil from becomming a major problem.
But the trip was not entirely a tragedy, Saw some old DC boats out there as well, Like the Rollo Above
The Farwest Leader
And Way down on the floating dock I spotted the Amatuli, the "spotter" or "chaser" boat for the Deadliest Catch boats. Most shots you have seen these past few seasons from "outside" the main boats have been taken from here.

And It's just not Christmas without an Eagle in a snowstorm!!

Last week was the Unisea Christmas Party
Lots of amazing food, like this "Steamship" Roast
And my favorite Turkey
And Of course Desserts

All Prepared by Richard Bye the Executive Chef and his amazing Crew!

And Stranded at the Hotel was April from Akutan and Veronika!!
So they were my guests for the party. So Super Crowded upstairs so we ate in the Office with Alicia!
I cant believe she still has like 3 months to go before the Twins come!

Anyway, Have to go make some Gingerbread for the Party tonight so I'm Outta here
Merry Christmas