Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trips and The North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Hi from Page AZ everyone!! Sorry it's been long between updates but Amangiri has been so super busy, and Derick And I have been working A Lot!
So, on our few days off we always seem to hit the Road to explore this amazing part of the country. The photos uploaded in a weird way so out of order it's going to be a bit of jumping around to explain them all, but, here goes!
Derick on the 4th of July trying to get firework photos..........neither of us succeeded however, though Page does put on a good show.
So, On Wednesday, we were both a little tired of 100F heat so we decided to head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. at 8,000 to 10,000 ft above sea level, the temperatures dropped to the 70's F and it was just amazing to drive with the Windows down and no A/C!!

Ok, so before his mum kills me, let me just say that it looks a lot more dangerous than it really is in the next few photos............really nice trail to get to these vantage points, with only a little rock climbing at the end to get there.....

 Almost thinking of making this my new blog photo.
 Careful boy!!!
 Yeah, it's like sitting at the top of the world!

Ok, so this photo is of the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon AZ that you have to cross to get over to the GC North Rim. 

One of the beautiful meadows that line the road on the way to the rim at about 8,000 ft.
 Ok, and Now some of Derick at work in the Amangiri Pasty Kitchen. He has been doing both Breakfast and Pastry, and has done great a both, but the Head Pastry Chef has decided that Derick is good enough that they need him Full time in Pastry.
 He's learning a lot and is quite popular at the hotel. Knew he would fit in great here!

 And this is the view at the Top, of Bright Angel Canyon.

If you happen to be a Twitter follower of mine you got more pictures than these, right as we were there. How great is it that I could "tweet" right from one of the most beautiful and inspiring sights on the face of the Earth?

Well, Again sorry for the long Pause, more photos to come soon!
Have an Amazing Day!!