Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopping trip to Pittsburgh with My Sis, Nephew and Friend, And A great review of the Green Forest Churrascaria in Pittsburgh

First off I have to Recommend the Green Forest Cafe
in Pittsburgh to anyone who lives there or happens to be in the Area. It is a Traditional Brazilian Churrascaria where the Food is served "Radizio" style, Where the servers come around with giant skewers of meat and carve right at your table. I can not recommend this place enough. The Food was so good and the staff was so attentive that the entire experience was just amazing.
This was my sister and Nephew's first time at such a restaurant and they both loved it. It compares favorably with my all time favorite restaurant Texas De Brazil, but the waiters and waitresses were even better at Green Forest.

Heck, I even got my sister to eat the fried Yucca and bananas! That is how good it was. She is even pickier than me!
One of Joann's BFF's joined us on the trip to Pittsburgh and in fact made the reservations at Green Forest.

April Runs and is a really fun great person to gang up on my sister with to make her go shopping and get some good clothes.
First though, we started out at "The Strip" in Downtown Pittsburgh.
But even a traditional "Old World" Neighborhood like the Strip is still as fascinated with Alaska as everyone else!

It's hard to believe the Prices the everyday seafood that we produce in Dutch Harbor garners a few thousand miles away!

Actually pretty sad looking Halibut.
And of Course the backbone of the Economy...........Pollock!

Thanks For a Great Shopping Trip everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Last San Jose Pictures, In And Out Burger and back home in PA

So While in San Jose The Totah's Insisted we Visit "In and Out Burger". It sounded vaguely naughty so of course we went. As you can see above the Menu is very limited unless you know the "Secret Menu" Which has like 10 more items. I went with just a Cheeseburger and fries.
Facial shot of Joann's Chin and our very friendly guy at the Pick up window. (He gave use secret sauce for the fries!)

I did get one thing off the "Secret Menu" which was a lemon Up, Half 7up and Half pink Lemonade.
It was an Awesome Burger, and I think I like the fries, have to have them warmer though.
The Next Day Joann took us over the mountain to Santa Clara where she went to school for a few years.

Lots of Hippies, Lots of pot smoking in the street and lots of that whole culture. (I actually had to call one of my Republican BFF's for strength!)
Still it was beautiful and we got some shopping in, Joann here with new sandals and me with a few things at the Borders which was having a going out of business sale.
After a few rainy days it was wonderful to take a drive along the coast and enjoy the sun.

And of course wonderful times with the Totah's!!! Miss you guys!!
Then the next day it was back on a plane to PA. From San Francisco to Houston (where it was like 80 degrees) then a nasty flight to Cleveland (we spent the last hour of our two hour flight strapped in our seats on a crowded plane shaking from turbulence...NOT FUN!). Then Once we landed all flights were canceled in Cleveland for that night so no short hop to PA. Thank God I am used to this from living in Alaska, so while everyone was standing in an hour long line to get tickets changed at the counter and freaking out I went on Priceline on my phone and secured a Hotel room at the Sheridan at the Airport before they were all sold out! I was set by the time I got the counter and was so nice and calm and decent to the Continental Reps there that they got me a set on the first flight next morning and arrived in PA about 10:45 in the morning.
They had just had a couple of inches of snow at the Farm so it is really beautiful right now.

Mostly just hanging out with the Family and going out to eat.
We got stuffed at Luigi's in DuBois last night, they have the best Tomato Sauce in the World besides my mother's. On the Way home we were listening to the weather forecast and they were calling for a mix of snow and rain. I just had a feeling and predicted that I would see my nephew early the next morning when they cancelled school. Everyone laughed and did not believe me.
Turns out I was right!!! Lots of really wet icy snow that loaded down the Hemlock trees in our backyard.

So it's a snow day, which is really nice to spend some time with the family.
Hope you all are warm and dry and safe out there!
Have a great Day

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CB's vacation, First visit with Derick then the Totah's in San Jose and San Francisco. Also SASHA HAS A GREAT NEW GUY! Introducing Adam!

So, First stop on CB's Vacation is always Seattle which means a Stop to check in on Derick....and At least taking him out for one Huge meal. This time it was Red Robin and Super huge burgers!
I'll be stopping again on the way back and you will get to see Derick and Alicia then.
Then it was on to San Jose and the Totah Family. On the super happy front Sasha has a new guy, Adam!
I was fully prepared to be the friend who did not like her new BF, just because she is so smart and beautiful and awesome that quite frankly I did not think any guy would measure up. I was wrong. Adam is a great guy and just about perfect for Sasha. I had a good time with them when we were out the other night, even convinced them to do some shots at an Irish Pub in the middle of Silicon Valley.
Goldschlauger, and
A DUCK FART!!! Thanks to Lisa Roberts for coming through with the recipe of Dutch Harbor's Official Drink. It started a little trend there at the bar with at least two people besides us ordering them.
So, in closure of that Night I have to Say: Adam, I really like this guy with Sasha. Of course if he ever messes with her he will end up in a crab pot.........
It was a rainy day in San Francisco when I headed out with JoAnn, Sam and Sasha the next day to see some tourist sights.
Like Fisherman's Wharf.........
Shopping for souvenirs....(Gosh it was just like Egypt except for the Coats)
Cable Cars......

And Ghiradelli Square.
Sisters for sale!

For our Bar tenders back home, the place where the First Irish Coffee was made!
And then on to Lombard Street, the Crookedest street in the world.

The Trans America Pyramid and the view of San Fran from Telegraph Hill.

This is where Sam had his first butcher shop way back in the 70's. Not it is luxury condos.
Sam was also a member of the Original Playboy Club........metal card and all. Sam was quite the Playa back in the day......
Then it was on to Park in Chinatown so we could eat in Little Italy at a Place called Pinocchio's.

Tons of Great food.............almost full to bursting.........but we had to go for Dessert!

Tirimisu and Cappochino!

Then It was a quick drive to a park Under the Golden Gate for some photos Ops!
What a Great Shot Sam.

The Legion Of Honor is in that same area as well.

The Totah's are such a great family and good friends that I am actually now happy about my luggage being last off the plane when I landed in Egypt. It allowed me to get to know them at the airport and become friends with them the Whole Trip. So the Next time your bag is late or your plane is delayed just try to remember, everything happens for a reason, often times good ones!
Have a great Day everyone!