Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blood test back, still waiting on the Idiot's!

Good Morning everyone!

Got the results of MY blood work back and I am 100% Negative for any nastiness.

Now I just have to wait for the results of the idiot's blood test who's hypodermic needle started all of this and then MAYBE I can stop the antivirals and get a decent night of sleep. Sunday night was tough, felt like a walking Zombie on Monday.

Anyway though, Back to Work. We have guests coming in from Unisea Japan today and I will be one of the tour guides.

Thanks Again Everyone for all your Good Wishes and Prayers. I know that they, and God's Grace are the reasons I will come through this unscathed!

Much Love

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Beautiful Week! Thanks CD!

Ok, First of all, for those turning in for the Food, this is it. Teriyaki Burgers and Hot Dogs Cooked over at CD's Last night. I have the opportunity to have Sunday off, and after the week I have had I am taking full advantage of it! Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers this week, And HUGE thanks to CD for keeping my spirits up, mostly by keeping me to busy to think and wallow!
With Derick going off to College I need to another guy to the blog to capture that all important Teen Girl Demographic so expect to see a lot more of Dylls on here!
And with Dylls comes CD's experiments at Gluten Free Cooking like the hamburger rolls shown above.
Sure, You think Bella looks all adorable Here..........

.........about when she is chasing poor innocent foxes?
Good thing the fox is faster........

It gets greener and more lovely every day,

And it has been beautiful from morning to night.

Now, to the Person or Persons who left this Mountain Dew Can on the Beach at Bunker:
HOW DARE YOU!!!! We Drink Mountain Dew! We are BETTER than That! WE DO NOT LITTER!!! I picked it up and Threw it out for you! You're Welcome!! Idiot.

From Halfway down the Beach CD saw one of the floats she is planning on turning into "Perma-Pumpkins" so Of Course we had to go get it.
Bella's leash was very effective to help her lug this heavy float up the hill.

CD and Family made it home on tuesday,

And since Derick is Now working nights at "he Store that shall not be named" I picked them up

Next day it was off to a Special Tasting at the Sushi Bar at the Unisea Inn.
Where Chef Kelly displayed some of his specialities....
.......and the island got to meet the New Harbor View Bar Manager Kassim!

Then On to more walks with Bella, Manderzz and CD.

Then it was off for the Arival of the Tustimenia Ferry.......

Where April, Baby Veronika.....
And Demitri who came to spend the Day in Dutch picking up relatives at the airport.

HOPEFULLY their bags made it in as well!!

Also we made a special trip up to Echo Lake, General's Lake or Black Sand Lake depending on who you are talking too........

The views are incredible, but the way up is steep.........

And with the Anti-Virals kicking my ass I must admit to more than a few Breaks on the way up.

And Now, as Promised Pictures of Dylls to satisify my Teen Female Demographic.

Yup Girls, You too could could go to High School With him! Just convince the Parents to move to Unalaska!

Unalaska Cotton.

And Finally, there it is!

And Yes, Shallow and warm enough to wade in.

We walked the entire length and back.........

Playing with Bella all the way

And Claimed our shoes again after cleaning our feet on the wonderfully soft Tundra.

Boys will find Bugs Anywhere won't they Dylls.

New Blog Header? What does everyone think?

Find AG's House!!!!

Anyway, Sleeping in today so I'll have this auto post at 8am.

Have a great Sunday Everyone!

And Lets keep hoping for good news on those blood tests!!