Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Everyone!
Just checking in with you all. Still in Dutch, my ticket is for Saturday, but I am going to try to start flying stand-by starting tomorrow. Saint Michael has Come through for me with calming down Mt Redoubt, But I do not want to tempt His Grace, or patience so I am doing what I can on my end. God Helps those who help themselves and all that.
Anway though, Just keep Praying!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last (Late) Sunday Brunch Before Vacation, Volcanos, Saints, Antique Roadshows, and a Mt Dew Trek

It has been a Weird Week Up Dutch Harbor Way,

From Blizzard Warnings and Volcanoes,

To Beautiful Days that Take your breath away.

But enough with the Rambling, You're here for Brunch!

Let us all sit and have a bit of Lunch.

Lots of Great Meat for those on an Atkins Diet........

While salads abide for those not trying it.

Salmon Roulade for those in the Know...........

But the Crepes Ala Paul Truly steal the show.
A decadent concoction of Peaches and Honey,

..Right now I have three of them in my tummy!!

The Chicken was nice,
Dessert in second place,
But first goes to the crepes,
that I stuffed in my face!

Junior worked rather hard,
On these treats today,
All to impress,
Dani from the Isle of Eire.

A nice smile from Junior,
He must have got some sleep,
And Jeff is back,
May have to kidnap another book this week.....

Yup, a booknaping is now on the "to do" list........

........Because no one can mess with Junior when he has "dipped" 'berries!

The Volcano has really Dominated Travel all over the peak........

.....But thanks to Saint Michael I should be able to travel this week!!

Speaking of Saints,
Here is our Wonderful Mayor!
At Lunch with Sarah,
a Few weeks ago.
Why a Saint you say?
Because she saved the day,On Thursday,
at the ceremony for swearing in New Citizens of the Good Old US Of A!
A judge could not fly out,
Due to Mount Redoubt,
and so the Ceremony was going to be delayed.
"I don't Think so!" and "Get me a Phone!",
were her quick response to this crisis.
Soon thereafter,
Judge on phone,
Hands on Hearts,
Oath recited,
and 20 more people joined our Land!
Congrats Shirley on this little Coup!!

James and Zoya from the Museum,
Held an Antique "seminar"
Where people brought in their prizes to show.

And Oh look, there is Cookie Dough,
Sneaking in after answering her phone.
With Alena beside her,
they listened in Silence,
while James put on a show.
My favorite?
Zoya's Filigree Ink Pen,

Though This Black Slate Clock,
also warmed my heart,
And both would look nice in my Apartment.

And This was the View,
On Friday night,
walking home from the Museum.
A beautiful sight,
that only lasted for a few hours more.

Thank God I am friends with the Best Taxi Driver in town,
Vanessa, the wife of Freddie on the Cornelia Marie.
Because I really needed her the next morning.........

.........awaking to this.......

.........and driving through that.....

She got me to the High School in time for my Excel Class!!

In just a few Hours,
Two to be exact,
The skies parted and gave me a wonderful day!

And Now to CB's Mum,
Just as I promised,
this is the shot I took,
while we were talking.

In fact it was such a georgous day,
that I decided to take a Hike,
with my best friend in tow,
all around Bunker Hill.

The Beach is a Treat...........

..........even with no heat....

...though it got up to 45F Yesterday.

And here is my buddy!
My Number one Friend!
Who quite frankly I have been neglecting.

A day out together,
Isn't he Handsome?
And A bit of Fun in the sun.

A some might know though,
Mt Dew is a thrill junkie,
and really likes to live Dangerously

And Here are some shots,
I thought pretty good,
that might replace the title page of the blog.

Again With the Danger!!!
Such an Adreniline Junkie,
No wonder I feel like I can do anything
With Mt Dew Beside me!

Walking back home

at the end of the hike

Alows me to see this little sight.

Harbor Crown on the Left,

Unisea on the Right.

With the Bar sitting right in the middle.

Out of here for the night,

(today was a fright)

And Everyone have a great Day!