Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deadliest Catch Video of the Wizard and Videos From Egypt.......Finally got the program to Download them!

So I FINALLY found the disc to download the program to download the videos from my new camera. I can now show off some of the ......slightly illegal.......videos I took over there...

Like this one at the Tomb of Inefrt, 5th Dynasty Over 4,500 years old. It is amazing that it is still standing, let alone the fact that you can see some of the paint still on the amazing carvings inside.

The Next two videos show kids working on handmade silk rugs. If you remember the photos from the Egypt trip we visited the factory/school on one of our side trips. The Kids work about 8 hours a day and go to school for about 6. The Local villagers fight to have their kids accepted at the school/factory because they receive a much better education there then at the State Run Schools.....

Can you imagine American Kids going to class for four Hours, Having Lunch, then working eight hours until Dinner then two more hours of class before bed? We really do not know how good we have it!

These two Videos (Above and Bellow) were taken in Aswan. The First shows the Feculla Ride to the Island of Phalae, a Garden of lush plants and flowers surrounding and Amazing temple Dedicated to Hathor (Cow goddess, also of love and music) and Isis, the Queen of the gods. Two of my favorite people Sasha and Jo are featured in the first video and the next one is taken Inside. Now you really were not supposed to take photos in the side temples, but that says nothing for videos.....

Next up the Amazing Hippostyle hall at the Great Temple of Thebes in Luxor.

Then A poorly shot video of some dolphins from our diving adventure in the Red Sea.

And Finally to Warm us up a wonderful Sunset on the Nile from the Deck of the Cruise Ship Neptune.

And Just at the start of the King Crab season I happened to Catch the Wizard docking next to CD's Hubby's Boat the Stimson! You can see Lynn up on the pots with the line and if you listen you can hear Keith Barking some orders.

Ok, Out of here for now. enjoy everyone!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Christmas Nazi comes out

More than once I have been referred to as "The Christmas Nazi".
Is it WRONG that I just like to make things beautiful and Wonderful for the Holiday?
Is It Wrong that I do not trust anyone else to decorate the Lobby or do the Tree?
No, Of course it is not! They might not do it right, or Break some of my bulbs, or anyone of 100 other things that would ruin my holiday by being an eyesore every time I looked at them.
So I donned my Little Elf hat and went to work on our Huge tree!
There are people out there who put the lights on last; These people are monsters that must be stopped at all costs.
The Lights MUST be put on first and evenly distributed. Best way to do this on this large a tree is to divide it in 4 quarters from the top and spiral down the tree in overlapping loops. You can stand back and slightly squint your eyes so that you can make sure you are evenly distributed.
I am using the LED lights once again because I really like the brightness of the lights and the fact that they do not get hot like other lights, so they can be on 24/7.

Next up comes the Ornaments. With a large tree like this in a public area I place the Larger, more expensive ornaments up above the casual person and children's reach for protection. As soon as they get some in the stores I will also adorn the tree in Candy Canes. This leads to people taking the canes and leaving my ornaments and lights alone.
After three hard days of work the tree is FINALLY at the point where the icicles can be layered on. This requires an even and steady hand as you sort of "comb" the icicles through the branches until is is saturated enough to move on.
Meanwhile my trusted elf helper Hilda was given the front desk area. She is the only other person I trust with this noble task. (The new tree and boxes I just got in Anchorage when I was out.)
The Lobby is now about 3/4 done, with just some final arrangements to do and some Items to place. New this year is the Brand new Large star on the tree, some new large ornaments, and the snow Globe and Metal Nutcrackers.
Next up the Makushin and Shishaldin meeting rooms, and then the restaurants and the Cape.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CB in Anchorage and Sarah Palin's Alaska!

So first off I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and hints (Yes, I have been using a Neti-Pot for months). News from the Doctor I came to Anchorage to see is good. I do not have to have surgery immediately, maybe never. I do have the Largest sinus passages the doctor has ever seen though.......maybe that is why I can taste and smell better than most people? I do have a narrowing and some scarring of the passages which makes me succeptable to infections. I just have to monitor it and when one does occurr take some steroids with the Antibiotics to clear it up. So anyway that is great news.

I have spent the Last few days shopping with Miss Veda, going to the Movies and Watching lots of FOX news!

Also Watched the Premere of Sarah Palin's Alaska on Sunday night.

And Since I was here in Anchorage, I took a quick trip up to Wasilla (about a 30 minute drive) to see if I could Find Sarah's house.

I Did! I even got shots of the fence they had to put up to keep that freaky reporter from looking in their yard.

It was VERY cold and windy today in Anchorage and Wasilla. Not looking forward to taking off in that tomorrow to head back to Dutch.
Wish me luck everyone!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deadliest Catch Update! SORRY!!! Busy Busy Busy, Mattresses, Halloween and Museum Fundraiser post a few...days late. Oh and A Roger/BJ update 4K!

First off I apologize to all my loyal blog followers! I have been so Busy between Work, being sick, another medical issue and just life in General I have not had time for the blog. Heck, I have not even had time to go for a walk up Bunker Hill since I got back from vacation, or spend much time with CB, AG and the rest. Hopefully after I get back from Anchorage Next week life will get a bit simpler, and Maybe my sinus problems will be over too.....

In Deadliest Catch News the Time Bandit boys were in their skivvies the other day as they wrapped up the season and for some reason the Cornelia Marie has had an abrupt end to the season. Lots of stories out there about what happened, but after all I have heard and seen, I happen to be on Jake and Josh's side so I am not going to say anything else. It is THEIR story to tell. However I want to say that they comported themselves well and Phil would be proud. As Far as I know the other boats are still out there fishing.
My Life at work has been consumed with MATTRESSES! We are getting all new ones for both the Hotel and the Inn so I have been dealing with 6 boxcars full of them, some 480 of them. One of the Boxcars was damaged in the shipping up here when a wave hit the barge and crashed another boxcar into it. Result............well just look at that Dent!

It took almost a full day to Pry the Mattresses out of this boxcar.
We had to Pry and Squeeze them out.
Amazingly though, only 6 box springs were damaged (they are in the green wrapping shown above)
The Mattresses themselves were fine. MEMORY FOAM! Even though they were crushed once they were free they went right back into shape. How great is that?

One Down 6 more to go!
Then it was time for a quick break for Halloween...........

Coast Guard boys on Shore leave............How fun!

Though some of us went with more traditional costumes

Packed house and lots of Fun for everyone!

Next up, it was time to Vote! GO LISA! Hopefully they will announce that she won on Friday and maybe I will just happen to be able to go to a victory party in Anchorage while I am there!
Oh, And we got snow now!
Then it was time for my Second most favorite event on the island, The Museum of the Aleutians Annual Auction!
Zoya was, of course, in total command of her army as they prepared The Margaret Bay Cafe for the Event, the last one there before the remodel..
Chris Hladick, the City Manager made this exquisite Wine Chest by hand and donated it to the Auction. (It went for $2,000. Congrats Zoya!)
Lots of Great Donations both for the Silent and the actual Auction.

A group of the Museum volunteers and employees before the event. (Love the amethyst necklace Zoya!)
Of Course it is Dutch Harbor/Unalaska so there has to be food!
Including my favorite, The Coconut Encrusted Chicken Tenders. SOOOO GOOD!!

This Beautiful Necklace was made by Gert who is pictured later
Roger and BJ up date for Kay. He Behaved........well like Roger, Kay.....(Kidding)
Two big Spenders at the Auction.
Sky made her Debut as the Auctioneer..................and did a great job. I am sure she will be "Volunteered" again soon!

One of the Delicious Handmade treats at the Auction, a Decadent 5 layer Chocolate cake!
Congrats Denice, Time to Share!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSPEAKING of Chocolate, where else but Dutch Harbor/Unalaska could a 10# Box of crab go for $165 at auction but a box of Sharon's Sea Salt Carmels go for $175? (I dropped out at $100, yeah, they really are that good!)

Gert and Sharon. (You are making some for the Midnight Madness sale right Sharon?)

Over $32,000.00 was raised for the Museum! The Generosity of this community never ceases to amaze me!

But for me, it is now back to mattresses. Got them in all the Rooms at the Grand, Now just the Unisea Inn and the Disposal of the old ones remain.
Wish me luck everyone!