Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anyone can be a positive influence on a Kid's life, even me and you!

So A LOT of the time I pretty much feel like this
But Sometimes doing "Good" is "Good" for you too!
It does not take much to be an influence in a kids life...
It's up to YOU to make sure it is positive!
It's all too easy to see kids as nuisances, Get annoyed by their constant energy,
their thinking that as a teenager they have the whole world figured out, etc.
Remember you were one too, and that without some positive figures in your life you might have headed down some bad roads; All of us can be one to kids who need it!

So never forgetting my kids in other parts of the world (In this Case Kersey PA for Salina, Grayson and Shae)) I get in a better mood by mailing mystery boxes to Family members full of fun Nome Stuff.

Then out for a drive further than I have gone before

Up the Nome-Teller Highway

To the Village of Teller

To Drop off Some Aurora Inn Merchandise to the Mayor Joe Garnie
For A charity Function

Still Raising and breeding Sled dogs to this day!

Look at these cuties!

Of Course There are always a few companions to make trips more fun.

A side trip to a relative's camp with a trampoline?
(Hunter David and Jerry BTW)

Fun, Though Sometimes there are casualties.

But they are kids so they recover quickly
(Hunter and Cody)

Obviously Drugs Drinking, smoking and other Vices are starkly Forbidden. Establishing limits is key, as are punishments:
(Jerry with Timmy in Background)

For Infractions such as Soda Bingeing

And Defacing US Currency at the Safety Roadhouse
(Jerry and David)

Safety Sound Has become one of my favorite Places

And the Boys love it for Berry Picking

Our Little Chariot

The Last Train to NoWhere near Solomon

So Pretty it had to become the new Blog Picture!

On other fronts Trips to the USCG Alex Haley
(Timmy, Jerry, David)

David and his little brother Timmy

Cody, David, Hunter and Tim (Who is Tim when the littler Timmy is Around)

Hunter and Timmy

The boys attempt to put on Survival suits in 2 minutes


Sad to say Only Tim survived.

Timmy was in rare form though!

A cup of Joe in the Galley of the Cutter

Maybe this is the moment where one of them Decides their Career Path in Life

Or Maybe this is just Cody Finding a random saw in a supply closet

Whatever, Every Minute of their lives Matter to the, and Ultimately US!

Being a positive influence can be a bit a chore

But it does come with rewards, Like lots of Laughter!

Very Sarcastic Banter

Such as "Cody is in Command? God Help Us All!"

And Choking, Don't forget the choking

A new baby is born every second, 

Like Angel's(My Front Desk Clerk and Assistant General Managers Daughter) Son Riley.
We have all got out work cut out for is with this Generation of Kids.
Stop Complaining, and Start DOING SOMETHING!
Be a Positive Influence Today!