Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Runs with Shadow! The Spit Dock, Sitka Spruce park, the Crab Pot yard, Overland Pass and Summer Bay

So the Runs with Shadow Continue!
Out on the Spit Dock
Chasing birds
Getting Soaking wet running through dewy grass
And Smelling the Lupins

Over at Sitka Spruce Plantation playing amoung the few trees on the island,
And going for a swim in the pond

Playing among the Empty Crab pots, taking their summer vacation in the Sun and among the flowers before being called into service once again this fall

Up Overland pass, near the waterfalls
Where Ground Squirrels are everywhere much to Shadow's Delight!
Ok, this was SUPPOSED to be a cool picture with Shadow sitting there with the Bay in the Background but those Darn Squirrels would not stop taunting him so he had to go and punish them..........

And down at Summer Bay he just had to check out the tide pools, which led to a seweed smelling dog.....

Until we got the the freshwater outlet and he swam and played with kiddies and Another Puppy for a good rince off of the Saltwater

And FInally last afternoon/evening walk up on strawberry Hill.
A tired puppy is a good puppy!
Have a Great Day Everyone!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tsunami Warning, Shadow and The Mayor

So, A 6.5 Magnitude Quake off the Fox Islands triggered the Tsunami Warning system yesterday
Most people on the island felt the Quake, (Except for Veda who refused to believe Tom and I until the Sirens sounded). I happened to be at the Airport Seeing off Mayor Shirley Marquardt and her son Rex on the 7:30 Flight. The Person watching their house on vacation could not do it last night so I Needed to take care of their dog Shadow for the night. Well the Earthquake happened and then Shirley and Rex got on the plane and I drove to her house to Take Shadow for a good Run. Once I got the Dog in the truck we were headed up Strawberry Hill and Shirley Calls saying that there was going to be a Tsunami warning in like 10 minutes with the Sirens going off. I race Down off the Hill to the Hotel, Set off the General Alarm and with the Other Managers, Unisea Security and the UPD Evacuate the Hotel. I actually had to stand there with my finger on the button to keep the alarm going. Then I grabbed a case of water and headed up Strawberry Hill With the Dog so if anything did happen he would be more comfortable close to his house.
Shadow when I picked him up

Scouring the hills for nasty things to put in his mouth while I kept an eye on the Horizon

Fellow Evacuees (Sp?)

And then FINALLY the All Clear was sounded and we headed back home.

And here are some shots from His morning walk around the Hotel

A Cute Glamor shot of Him and Lupins
And A Mid Morning Run on the Beach.

So Shirley, The Island is fine and So is Shadow. He did not even make a mess in the house overnight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The OC Banquet, Ulakta Head and a little bit of gardening

So, On Saturday the Biggest and best event of the year occurred, The 38th Annual Shareholders Dinner of the Ounalashka Corporation.

Executive Chef Richard Bye and his Crew worked insane hours to pull off this enormous feast, The biggest on the island all year, and once again it was an enormous success!
The Food when on for days.........

Not to Mention the Desserts! Especially the chocolate bread pudding with Carmel Sauce!!
One of my Favorite ladies on the island AB Rankin started off the festivities
And Father Andrew led us all in Prayer

With over 400 people there the line stretched all the way around the Big Gym at the School

Larissa and her BF!

Margaret shows off another Grandbaby!

Frank Kelty Sings Happy Birthday to Nick Lekanoff Sr for his 86th birthday!

A gathering of some of my favorite ladies on the island. From the Left Denise Rankin, Tonya Miller, Wendy Hawthorne, Gert Svarny and Sharon Svarny-Livingston. Gert and her family always have a special place in my heart. They were some of the first to really welcome me to this island, and have always treated me with kindness and love. Gert Reminds me so much of my Grandmother Helen Gahr that I thought I'd put up a picture of her. They both have that same easy warmth and special laugh that just makes everyday go a little bit better.

And Congratulation to Gert and her Husband Sam for their 61st Anniversary!

AB presents Diane Fejes with an OC Jacket.She is retiring from KPMG after 30 years as a tax accountant for the Corp.

And the McCracken Brothers and their Dad Andy Show off their "Fiddling" Skills!
And this one is just for the Kids at the School, The Supertendant with his mouth Full of Cake.

And to Close us out "Father" And "Mother" from the Russian Orthodox Church.
With So many of my favorite people in one place, and Such good Food you never want the night to end!

Still though, other things do go on here.............like this group of kyakers preparing to make the voyage to Akutan...........Humm, Should probably check in with April to see if they made it.
And though you would not know it unless you were here the island is getting greener every day.
Still it was a bit browner last week when Kyle and I went to Ulakta head.

Had to include this one because my sister freaks out every time I climb out on this outcrop from the Bunker up there. It really is the perfect place to have a Mountain Dew!
It's only like a 1000 foot drop................nothing to be scared over

I even got Scardy cat Kyle out on a Bunker

It's all worth it for the views!!!

And Finally, it was time for CB to Do a Bit of Gardening when the plants came in over at Alaska Ship.
So from this and.........
All it took was like 5 bags of soil and about 100 plants

To Transform both sides of the Port De Chalet into something presentable.

I'll keep you updated on their progress.

Have a great day Everyone!