Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walk with MD and Chato Hernandez.

SOOO Busy again this week but I did get a chance to take a quick walk with MD and Chato Hernandez. (He was adopted)
It was really a beautiful night.............
..............with the sun hitting the mountains and the bay just right!
AND of course the flowers are still blooming!!!

Chato Decided he needed to go home and rest (He is an older dog) early on in the walk so I continued on Alone from here. MD is expressing some displeasure over a comment about her and one of the DC guys................maybe more to come. LOL


Kim said...

wow its beautiful up there.

Anonymous said...

Lies! You know why I was flipping you off! As far as that other stuff.... that's SO last season!

Margrita said...

What a great walk so glad you got to take it. Chato is quite a dog. He looks like he was enjoying his stroll until he got tired.

mamawas said...

all the hikes are over rugged territory, never seen a "trail" as we have in our National Parks here.

Be careful CB.
Thanks for your constant stream of beautiful Alaskan pix

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I know this was a while ago -- did I ever win a T-shirt or something like that, or was I sleepwalking again?


Anonymous said...

Is this Lenny L.'s daughter: 08/10/09 Mon 2154 MVA Damage – Officers investigated a rollover accident involving a teenage driver and two other youthful occupants. Driver Felipe Shawn Lekanoff, 17 yoa, of Unalaska was charged with Reckless Driving after investigation revealed that excessive speed was a contributing factor in the crash.

I hope she's ok.

Carlisleboy said...

Lekanoff is a big family up here, and though distantly related it is not Lenny's Daughter. They live in Olympia WA I believe
And Yes BZ you did!! I need an Address!!

MsGiantsFan said...

yhanks for the pics CB and I really do hope you fin the litter bug. What a jerk!

rubyg236 said...

thats great you want to clean up the earth