Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amangiri, a new adventure begins

First, I want to thank you all for your prayers and best wishes on my job hunt........Let's just say they paid off in ways that I never imagined. I have been offered, and accepted the position of Housekeeping Manager at the Amangiri Resort in Utah.
It is possibly one of the most beautiful resorts on the planet, like all the Aman Properties.
I can not really post all that much about the resort. Because of the exclusive nature of the Resort, and the clientele, I am simply unable to talk about it. Please don't even ask. I have had the most amazing experiences here already, eaten some wonderful food, and enjoyed views that are worth a million dollars. If you want to check it out, please use the link above.

I have not yet decided what to do about the blog. Do I keep it up and just post life pictures outside of the resort, weekend trips to the Grand Canyon, Zion National park and Las Vegas? Do I wrap it all up and End the blog?
 I will make a decision in the coming weeks, one thing for sure though is that I will not be talking about the resort, besides saying that if you ever are able to, you should come and visit.

 The resort from the bluffs surrounding it.

A fire hydrant in the middle of the desert near one of the Villas

 My bedroom
 The view from my room with the firplace

 And Shots around the property.

 The Amazing Pool
 The Spa (notice how the architecture mimics the bluff behind it)

 The pool at the spa
 One of the Skybed lofts

 And finally one of the skybed lofts with the pool Right off the bed.
Again, thank you all for all your prayers and best wishes. When God closes a window sometimes he opens a patio balcony door with a fireplace....


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Do they provide you accommodations on site or are you going to have to move to Page and find a place of your own>?

It's lovely and I hope you have a great experience with your new job. No more drunken fisherman to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Forget the blog. Dutch Harbor is now Dirt. Enjoy some rich and really famous people.

mamawas said...

keep in touch in some way Brian isn't the SW just beautiful? Google The Colorado National Monument sometimes, that is the view I am enjoying now from the front window!!
Love Donna

Anonymous said...

Okay, CB.

Dutch Harbor Dirt was never really about some drunken fishermen. It was about your journey through life in an extraordinary place, and places, like people, change through time. Hemingway has a great quote from a letter about how we can never go back and capture the moment again, just keep it in our memories. Go make more memories in another extraordinary place, and, if you are willing, let us share your journey.


Diane said...

The blog doesn't have to end with your stint in DH. It is just a continuation in life's journey. The canyons offer their own unique beauty, as you will find.

On another note, now you have to get acclimated to HEAT!

Mary C said...

Brian!! Congrats on your new job! I do hope you decide to keep up a blog because I just love reading and seeing pictures of all you've done. This new place looks amazing! We are headed out west this summer I love it out there! Take care and keep in touch! Mary

Nebraska Outback said...

Brian - please don't end your blog! Your enthusiasm for life and your love for the people around you are truly inspiring. Yes, I will admit I started following your blog because of the Dutch Harbor connection, but I stayed because of your great writing about the property, the community, your co-workers, your amazing adventures and, of course, politics. You have a lot to contribute about how to make people feel valued, how to run a department with professionalism and integrity, and how to have fearless adventures. I wish you absolutely the best in your new position, and hope that you'll find some way to keep writing. You, Mamawas and I should find a way to get together now that you're in the lower 48!

Dani said...

Great news on the new job. I always enjoy reading your blog no matter what the topic,so would be a shame for you to stop now :)

Margrita said...

CONGRATS on the new job. What an awesome place to work in. I do hope you will continue to share your amazing pictures and experiences. I love the scenic views you get to experience. The pool is just amazing. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new job! Beautiful resort in beautiful country. Why not continue on with your adventures? Surely,there will be some interesting ones, whether it's in a state park, cave diving, etc. Also, you can blog about the animals in that part of the world -- so different from Alaska. Sure am gonna miss the Dutch Harbor dirt. Any chance someone else could take over from you so we'll still hear all the info. from Dutch Harbor? Good luck and best wishes to you in your new and exciting adventure.

Corey said...

As a long time follower, I'm going to miss following your life in Dutch but I'm happy for you...thank you for sharing your life with us these past few years and I hope you'll at least keep us updated a little bit with twitter if you quit the blog! And if you're ever in central Florida I'd love to meet up and have a tottie with ya! Take care and God Bless CB! ~

emarienan said...


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CB, I'd like to see you continue the blog. People enjoy your perspective and your photographs.

My vote: continue.



These are some quiet Beautiful Photos of this very Beautiful Resort.What a very nice Getaway place.Also,Good Luck on your New Endevours As well.God Bless You
Amangiri.Truly Always,Lori H-Smith
28th.March 2012