Friday, June 13, 2014

A Busy Month, Bering Sea Gold, KYLE redeux, Subway, A kids Safety Fair, Iditarod, Lunch with a view, Random Gold Mines, Harbor Ice Breakup, Musk Ox, Reindeer in a Pickup, A good Meal, Iditarod II Safety Roadhouse, Grocery store prices, CB's New Cars (For the Fleet though I do get to drive one), Bering Sea Gold II Dredges in Ocean, and FINALLY a sunny Night Yeah, 11pm at the Beach.

So, First off, Sorry for the Long pause between blogs, even with now 22 hours of sunlight each day there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. STILL faithful blog readers I don't forget you, and take pictures whenever I can!
Now, on to the good stuff!
First off, Kyle Redeux!
 Yes, Kyle our trusty friend from Dutch Harbor/Unalaska is being brought back, by popular demand, to a starring role in the blog. (Also known as taking a job as one of my front desk clerks)
Expect to see much more of him!
OK, so what other Subway in the world has a view like this? Only in Nome Alaska!!

And as Always CB will take part in all the Local events he can, so Here is one of the first, the Kids Safety Fair held at the Local Elementary school. I gave away lots of Aurora Inn Merchandise to all the participants!

For you Iditarod fans, here is the famous ending point on the trail.
(Stored off the main road of Front Street when not in use during the race)

Yes, this is the ending point of the over 1,000 mile race!

It's always nice to get away on a Sunday afternoon for a relaxing Lunch with a view!

And do a bit of exploring on the many roads that surround the town

Finding Random Mine sign markers

And watching the sea ice slowly retreat from the harbors

The Abundance of Wildlife here is much greater than Unalaska on the land, Including several herds of Musk Ox.

They have been driven closer to town, earlier than usual according to the locals, by the emergence of the grizzly bears up in the mountains.

AC stores look remarkably similar all over Alaska, but this is a sight I never saw in Dutch Harbor, a Reindeer in the back of a pick-up. 

And the Sea Ice Keeps retreating!

And although it is a bit pricey (Though the Company paid for this at a retirement party) there is some great food to be had in Nome. Excellent Prime Rib, HUGE baked potato and a perfectly cooked medley of broccoli and asparagus with hollandaise.  

Here's another one for you Iditarod fans! The SAFETY ROADHOUSE! The Last Checkpoint on the Iditarod trail before the Nome Ending!

It Opens up again in July-October then Again in March for the Race.

The food is supposed to be pretty good there during the summer.

Speaking of Food, take a gander at some of the prices at the local grocery stores!

And this OJ was on SUPER SALE because it expired in 3 days~

This is what $300 bucks will buy you at the store here. Not too bad a haul I must say.

And for a $4,000 Barge fee you can get a car shipped to Nome. Here are the 6 New ones I am rotating into the Fleet of 60 that we rent from my hotel.

10 ply tires on all of them to contend with all the rocky roads and rough conditions.

Still, everyone in Nome says we have the best cars, as well as the cleanest! (probably because we are the only ones that wash them all year round)

From the Local Hospital you can look out into the ocean and see the Dredges of Bering Sea Gold

And FINALLY, at 11 pm at night Kyle and I made the 45 minute drive down to Safety Sound to go to the beach

Yes, believe it or not THIS is 11pm

11:07 pm


11:09 pm

The Sun is now "setting" about 2am. Though the local version of "setting" just means it is SLIGHTLY below the horizon but the sky is still light enough to be blue.
7 more days till "The Longest Day" when the sun will still shine just a sliver above the horizon the entire time it "sets"
All I have to say is
I promise not so long a lag between posts next time everyone!
Have a GREAT day!
And speaking as someone who is suffering a case of insomnia



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