Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A little bit of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska comes all the way to Nome! Mayors, Lt. Governor and Governor Candidates come to Nome Alaska for the AML!

So Longtime readers of the blog will remember one of my favorite people from Unalaska, the amazing Mayor Shirley Marquardt!

Well Shirley and most of the Rest of the Mayors in Alaska made the Trek to Nome for the AML 
http://www.akml.org/ Alaska Municipal League.

Of course I was there to show my friends around, both old and new!
Here is Shirley at the White Alice Site (It was quite windy, but super sunny and beautiful)

And here she is overlooking all of Nome from Anvil Mountain.

Again, With the wind......

Also joining us on this trek is Mayor Dan Sullivan, who is also running for Lt. Governor!
REALLY nice guy! Check out his website and Donate!

And of Course we had to see some local wildlife, like the Musk ox!

Aren't Musk ox babies just sooooo cute?

Speaking of wildlife here is Shirley meeting Local Wildman Scott Meisterheim!

Really, He is a nice guy, No matter what Bering Sea Gold portrays him as!

Showing all the other Mayors up, Here is Nome's Mayor Denise Michels

And here is the candidate Bill Walker

Along with old friend and Fellow member of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Unalaska
 Nancy Peterson, who is working on Bill's campaign
I always vote Republican, but I just met the one man that might make me change that, thank God he is Independent so I won't vote for the DemocRATS.

Speaking of Democrats there is Ms Riddle from Senator Mark Begich's office
But in the background is good friend and City Manager of Unalaska Chris Hladick

And here is me with the VERY possible  future Governor of Alaska Bill Walker
Yeah, I donated, you should at least look over his site.

Dutch Harbor Reunion, Chris, Nancy and Shirley!

My Former Mayor and my new Mayor!

Mayor and Future Governor!

And then it was a quick trip down to Safety Sound 

And the world Famous Safety Roadhouse!

Old Friends and new!

Of course we had to partake of  traditional defacing of a dollar bill,
and clean bartender Tommy out of Chivas Regal

Just to keep it in mind for when Shirley and her husband  come on up for Iditerod!

Big Big group phone with our host Tommy!

Saying goodbye to old friends or really, Until we meet again

Meanwhile the local boys I have adopted are playing out the Hunger Games up on Anvil Mountain.

I better get back to Tim, Hunter, Cody, David and Jerry before someone loses an eye!
Have a great Day!



Great pics Bro. Was so nice to see pics of Shirley again! Looks like you had a great time! Love ya!

Muriel Clark said...

It has been far too long since I've checked out your blog! It's great that you've found your way back "home" to Alaska. But Nome? That's out there! Best of luck to you. I'm looking forward to checking in from time to time.