Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas and Snowy Days with A Hospitality Christmas Party.

So, We had a White Christmas this year! And it Pretty much has not stopped since then.
For the most part the winds have kept the snow from laying around too thickly, Sweeping most of it into the bay and the Ocean.
Well that is until Today, where the Wind is calm and the snow just keeps on coming. At least an inch since I came in a 7am, with no signs of ending. In fact we are supposed to be getting another storm here this week. The Forecast says it is supposed to get warmer and turn to rain, melt most of this away and then turn back to snow, but right now I am really doubting that. Oh well, More snow means more Salmon berries in the summer!! So that's a good thing.
So, On Christmas Day the Hospitality Employees have a party, just for us. Most of the other times, Even for the Unisea Party, the Hospitality employees are working so this is pretty much the only day available.

Lots of food is made, along with some homemade treats by the employees. I did up two chocolate cakes and 2 Pineapple upside down cakes.
The General Manager Tom Enlow worked the Bar along with Lisa. the Food And Beverage Manager.
Darrel provided some music,

And I announced the Present exchange.

Just a few of my Housekeepers

Anna, From Laundry and First Floor Rooms

Genet and Tigist, 3ed Floor Rooms
Carmelita (Unisea Inn), Vitalina and Lydia Second Floor, and Mel from Front Desk.
Anna Again and Her Hubby Mike a Public Attendant/Driver
Ron from the Unisea Grill and his Wife Claudine Second Floor.
And Kassim, Harbor View Bar Manager and his family.
A Great time was had by all. It is always Great not to have to worry about customers for one night.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone! (Except Annonymous from the last post com, I'll handle them in a later post so as to not ruin the beauty and Peace of Today)

We have had a few Beautiful Days up Dutch Harbor way..........
And there was no escaping the pink that tinged the mountains at Sunrise yesterday.

Today is a little Different, But at least it's a White Christmas!

And Now some video for those of you who like them. Doesn't Alexander look Cute?

It's still plenty dark when I headed into work at 9am. But once 10am hits so does the sun.

Have made quite the inroad into the Cookies Mum sent me for Christmas..............
Lots of Presents to package up, need the energy. (Just the White Boxes, The rest are Housekeeping supplies and Lost and Found)
Also, After Christmas I really need to Straighten up my office..........New Years Resolution!
Have a Great Day Everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank You Senator Lisa Murkowski, PS Crawl back in your Hole Joe Miller;A Sunday Brunch Post FINALLY and Favorite memories of Egypt

A Huge Thank You to Senator Lisa Murkowski for Voting to Overturn the disgusting ban on Gays in the Military. She has once again proven herself to be the best! I am so proud to have voted for and donated to this amazing woman.
She is a true class act, and always puts Alaska first.
Now, a little diatribe against Lisa's Rival for the Senate, You may not want to let your children read this;

Mr Joe Miller, Grow up already and Admit you lost you worthless piece of SHIT! All your hopeless whining and wrangling in the courts is doing is costing Alaska Tax Dollars. Even if all the miss-spelled ballots are tossed out Lisa STILL trounced you. You are a pathetic sore loser, give it up and crawl back under your rock.
AND FOR GOD'S SAKE SHAVE YOUR FUC%ING FACE ALREADY! You do not look like a cool hardworking Alaskan, You look like a Hobo that just took a whore's shower and put on some clothes he was given by the Salvation Army. You Lost. Be a man and deal with it.

Now, On to my week. It was not good. I ended up having to go to the clinic and have two IV bags of Saline put in my for Dehydration and anemia. (Short story, My Ulcerative Colitis had a major flare and I lost allot of blood.) Anyway that meant that on Tuesday I spent all morning at the clinic and pretty much collapsed in bed for the rest of the week besides an hour each day at work in the AM. So I missed out on everything. Not even close to 100%, maybe 30% right now but I just had to get back to work. Thankfully, besides the Christmas Parties the hotel is really dead right now so I am able to get out early every day and rest. Taking vitamins and eating allot of Iron rich foods to build back up the blood but it's going to be a while before I feel like myself. So, I really hope you all had a better week than I did.

Now, lets get on with the blog:

The Apple Cranberry Stuffed French Toast was really good,
and so was the Turkey.

And Kayla and Kyle are making lots of Rich's Pumpkin Pie Waffles for the Brunch Crowd. (They were nummy!)

And the Kiwi Lime Mango Cheesecake was tasty as well.
The Breakfast Club.
Still not alot of snow out there. I am really praying for a White Christmas!
But Look who made it back to town! Derick and Alicia home from their first semester at College!
And Pattykins too! They attended the Lion's Club Christmas Brunch today.

So, one of the things I did this week to pass the time in bed was going through pictures from my Egypt trip. I know you are probably sick of them by now but I really enjoyed reliving my time there so here is another Egypt Round Up:
My First picture taken on Egyptian Soil.
My First Egyptian Hotel room.
My First day outfit.
My First Ticket
My first good picture of the Pyramids
My first Camel Ride
My first attempt to "Touch" The Pyramid
My First "Slightly illegal activity in the pursuit of awesome photo"
Sasha and Jo's First Slightly Illegal activity.
First group photo with my BFF's on the Trip, Sam, Jo and Sasha.

First time good photo with Sphinx
First time Slightly Illegal photo in the Pyramid.
First Hotel in Egypt
First photos from Memphis

First pictures at the Step Pyramid
First time I bribed a guard to gain access to areas for slightly illegal photos.

First time at a Carpet weaving school.
First dip in the pool.
First Party with Sasha and Jo.
First time on the Aswan High Dam
First photos of Temples in Aswan.

First time I Came up with the name "Obilisk of Death" for the 130 degree day trip.

First Feculla ride.
First Cruise ship

First time at a Hookah bar.

First temple I kinda sorta plundered a temple...........

Our First and only Tour Guide.
First really good sunset photos.

First Dinner party by candelight

BFF Sasha's best laugh photo

First "Walking like an Egyptian" photo
First Good Shot of our Cabin Boy.
First time Steering the Cruise ship.

First time at temples in Luxor.

First really naughty shot

Definitly Not the First Slightly illegal photo with my partner in Crime Sasha

First good shot of the Avenue of the Sphinx's
Firt shots at ehe Temple of Queen Hatchepsut

First time at the Colossi of Memnon

First time at the McDonald's in Luxor

First time ever at a McDonalds with a 4000 year old temple outside.

Our amazing tour group, love you all!
First photos of the bad side of Egypt.

First Reststop in the Middle of the Desert on the way to the Red Sea.

First look at Hotel at the Red Sea

First Beach photos at the Red Sea

Sasha and I in the water for the First time at the Red Sea.

The Best Photo of me the Entire Trip.
First Snorkeling picture of me in Red Sea

Blurry last group photo of snorkeling on Red Sea

Back to the Pyramids again!

And Finally, more Mountain Dew!

Have a great week everyone!