Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas in Unalaska, Moonlight Madness, City Christmas Party and Roger and Billie Jo's Late Wedding reception..along with a Rescue and lots of food!

Well it is that time of the year again, The Christmas parties are HERE! On top of that, Shell Oil is here so the hotel is easily 3 X as busy as last year room wise(Usually December is a dead month for us for rooms). So anyway, I have been pretty busy on top of not feeling good so Blogging is taking a back seat to just trying to keep up. Still It was time for a post so here we go....
Margaret bay cafe is transformed every year into the base for the Moonlight Madness sale.

From the Cafe to.....
..... even the main Lobby everyone is looking for a Christmas bargain! (Above is my Assistant and Right Hand Veronica)

The Kids from the School Provide Gift Wrapping Services
And We even got Miss Veda and her Husband Tom to Come!

Roger and Billie Jo Attended before heading up to the City Christmas Party.
And Sharon is Delayed Bringing over my Sea Salt Caramels!!! Where is She Lars?

Besides the Craft Fair the Gift Shop also holds a Huge sale and Raffle.
And among those taking advantage is Sherri, the Best Woman at FCA!

Elane my Neighbor and a Unisea Security Guard and Her Hubby show off their new baby for his first Christmas!

FINALLY Sharon Arrives with my Chocolates.....and makes me leave some for other people to buy.......Still got two boxes.........

Jessica who's hair is growing back much slower than mine.....
Zoya, goddess of the Museum
And Alaska Ship Gal showing off a Homemaker/Hooker Apron that is for sale....
Of Course Also tonight is the City Of Unalska party upstairs in the Chart Room, and Shishaldin room, and Makushin room and the lobby and the fireplace....well you get the point.
Noah and the Brass ensemble provide Christmas tunes......

While Vanessa provides the Wine!

Before long the rooms are filled.....
With all kinds of Characters........
Like the City Council Members...Dick Peck and Vicki
Roger Rowland and Tammy

Mayor Shirley and Family

In Charge of the Kids room is former front Desk agent Theresa who left us for the city

Now on to the Food!

Richard, the Executive Chef and Kyle who has returned to us!!

Of Course Roger is first in line for the Grub!

Also This week I finally Finished Decorating.......

And the Shell Oil Ship the Tor Viking assisted in a Cargo Ship Rescue out near Adak.
If it was not for Shell Oil this Cargo Vessel Carrying Thousands of Tons of Canola Seed would have been lost with all 30 Crew members. The Tor Viking Has 8 motors and passed the Coast Guard ship on the way to the vessel, it's just that powerful. The Next time you buy gas go out of your way to get Shell. A really great company that Cares.

Finally last night we also had Roger and Billie Jo's Late Wedding Reception!
Smile for you mum Roger!
Lots of Great food here as well!

Especially my FAVORITE, The Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders.....I had like 10..........

From Christmas to a Tropical Paradise Mag Bay was Transformed
And EVERYONE got "Leighed" at this party!

The Happy Couple.......
The Fire Chief.....
And the New Fire Captain

And WHAT an amazing Cake!
Roger and BJ with the Decorators

And Finally a Card from mom delivered by CB!
She Got you Roger!!

And Yes, I even saw a little tear in his eye as he read it Kay!

Congratulations you Two!!


Kimi said...

was hoping you were feeling better. HUGS.

Wow, talk about busy. love the decorations. looks like your craft fair was hopping! Heard the wrappers ran out of paper. Food is looking good! Happy Holidays!

mamawas said...

the carft fair looks very "shopable" indeed!!
The hotel is all dressed up and glad Shell Oil is keeping revenues humming along for Unisea too.

Merry Christmas Brian

Margrita said...

CB the tree is gorgeous as well as the rest of the decorations wonderful job. So glad Shell was able to assist the cargo ship. I mostly use Shell to fill up the vehicles, the new station here is awesome very user friendly. What awesome parties the food looked wonderful and yummy. The sale looks like from your pictures to have many wonderful items. Glad you are doing better enjoy the holidays have a great week.

Susan Stevenson said...

What a beautiful room, and tree! The decorations are gorgeous!

I love all the crafts. Craft fairs are perfect for holiday shopping. There's nothing like handmade art to gift to friends. :)

And the food...yum!

Happy Holidays!
Susan in North Pole

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your help with the kids reception. I loved the pics! You're the greatest!


meandalu said...

Hey carlisleboy you need to call your senator.

Mystic said...

Thank you for including us in the Christmas festivities!!! Your decorations are just lovely, and the food...OMG!!!
As for Shell Oil, my daddy who went to be with the Lord in '93 worked his entire career for Shell. He began as a chemical engineer, and worked his way up into executive management. The company was family centered and environmentally conscientious.
God bless you hon...have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Akutan's April Dawn said...

I miss you!! Hope everything is going great for you over in DUT!! Where is the snow this year??!?! Poor I've been waiting for my xmas cards and presents to come in the mail... we haven't had a plane at all this month and last month when we did get one they didn't bring any mail :(

Happy holidays to you though! I'll get you a christmas card once I get them in the mail!!

Much love to you from the 3 of us and all the pups!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post. I use to click onto your blog to learn more about the happenings in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, but now I just click to your site for the food! I got so hungry just viewing those pics of the buffet. It looks sooooo good!