Saturday, February 19, 2011

CB's vacation, First visit with Derick then the Totah's in San Jose and San Francisco. Also SASHA HAS A GREAT NEW GUY! Introducing Adam!

So, First stop on CB's Vacation is always Seattle which means a Stop to check in on Derick....and At least taking him out for one Huge meal. This time it was Red Robin and Super huge burgers!
I'll be stopping again on the way back and you will get to see Derick and Alicia then.
Then it was on to San Jose and the Totah Family. On the super happy front Sasha has a new guy, Adam!
I was fully prepared to be the friend who did not like her new BF, just because she is so smart and beautiful and awesome that quite frankly I did not think any guy would measure up. I was wrong. Adam is a great guy and just about perfect for Sasha. I had a good time with them when we were out the other night, even convinced them to do some shots at an Irish Pub in the middle of Silicon Valley.
Goldschlauger, and
A DUCK FART!!! Thanks to Lisa Roberts for coming through with the recipe of Dutch Harbor's Official Drink. It started a little trend there at the bar with at least two people besides us ordering them.
So, in closure of that Night I have to Say: Adam, I really like this guy with Sasha. Of course if he ever messes with her he will end up in a crab pot.........
It was a rainy day in San Francisco when I headed out with JoAnn, Sam and Sasha the next day to see some tourist sights.
Like Fisherman's Wharf.........
Shopping for souvenirs....(Gosh it was just like Egypt except for the Coats)
Cable Cars......

And Ghiradelli Square.
Sisters for sale!

For our Bar tenders back home, the place where the First Irish Coffee was made!
And then on to Lombard Street, the Crookedest street in the world.

The Trans America Pyramid and the view of San Fran from Telegraph Hill.

This is where Sam had his first butcher shop way back in the 70's. Not it is luxury condos.
Sam was also a member of the Original Playboy Club........metal card and all. Sam was quite the Playa back in the day......
Then it was on to Park in Chinatown so we could eat in Little Italy at a Place called Pinocchio's.

Tons of Great food.............almost full to bursting.........but we had to go for Dessert!

Tirimisu and Cappochino!

Then It was a quick drive to a park Under the Golden Gate for some photos Ops!
What a Great Shot Sam.

The Legion Of Honor is in that same area as well.

The Totah's are such a great family and good friends that I am actually now happy about my luggage being last off the plane when I landed in Egypt. It allowed me to get to know them at the airport and become friends with them the Whole Trip. So the Next time your bag is late or your plane is delayed just try to remember, everything happens for a reason, often times good ones!
Have a great Day everyone!


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

So did you buy any chocolate at Ghiradelli's? That was one purchase I had to make and there used to be a wonderful shoe store near there that had the best shoes back in the 70's.

Mystic said...

I went to high school about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. Your pictures brought back some wonderful memories for me. Enjoy your stay!!! You know there is some SUPER shopping in the garment district!!!

mamawas said...

loving the CA and WA pictures Brian
you look happy and healthy in all of the shots my friend


Kimi said...

San Fran is on my bucket list. Sounds like a wonderful time was had. Derick looks good, glad you got him out for some burgers! Enjoy your vacation!!


See you tomorrow! Bring the nice weather! April cannot wait to meet you and go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pua Faailoga said...

hey there!!!!!

see that your having a blast.. enjoy it... and c you around dutch harbor.. for u wont see meeh at the grand anymore to give you laughter!! =)... well take care n see you around...

p.s. paula has the glee movie..

much love!!!

Lori said...

Wow - how nice. Looks like you are totally enjoying your trip and sounds like you've made some super friends. Enjoy the rest of your time away. Great pics of SJ and SF! Oh, and my daughter totally loves Ghiradelli - it's her new favorite chocolate whatever flavor.

Anonymous said...

Finally....more food shots! I've been missing them sooooooo much. A person can't talk about SF without mentioning the food. Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Lucy said...

I agree w/ Anon!!!!! As a foodie, I LOVE your food shots....... Yuuummmmm

Margrita said...

Nice vacation you are having. San Fran what a wonderful city so much to see and enjoy there. Glad you have been able to see your friends and enjoy it have a great vacation.

ruth said...

you can say that again everything happends for a reason

ruth said...

you can say that again everything happends for a reason