Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopping trip to Pittsburgh with My Sis, Nephew and Friend, And A great review of the Green Forest Churrascaria in Pittsburgh

First off I have to Recommend the Green Forest Cafe
in Pittsburgh to anyone who lives there or happens to be in the Area. It is a Traditional Brazilian Churrascaria where the Food is served "Radizio" style, Where the servers come around with giant skewers of meat and carve right at your table. I can not recommend this place enough. The Food was so good and the staff was so attentive that the entire experience was just amazing.
This was my sister and Nephew's first time at such a restaurant and they both loved it. It compares favorably with my all time favorite restaurant Texas De Brazil, but the waiters and waitresses were even better at Green Forest.

Heck, I even got my sister to eat the fried Yucca and bananas! That is how good it was. She is even pickier than me!
One of Joann's BFF's joined us on the trip to Pittsburgh and in fact made the reservations at Green Forest.

April Runs and is a really fun great person to gang up on my sister with to make her go shopping and get some good clothes.
First though, we started out at "The Strip" in Downtown Pittsburgh.
But even a traditional "Old World" Neighborhood like the Strip is still as fascinated with Alaska as everyone else!

It's hard to believe the Prices the everyday seafood that we produce in Dutch Harbor garners a few thousand miles away!

Actually pretty sad looking Halibut.
And of Course the backbone of the Economy...........Pollock!

Thanks For a Great Shopping Trip everyone!


Kimi said...

wow. great looking food shots. LOVE Brazilian restaurants. I went to one by us years ago, and found it fascinating and some of the best food ever. Glad you're enjoying your visit home!

terrig said...

Hope your Brazilian restaurants are better in PA than the ones in NOVA! Looks like a great trip with some great food & it is always great to be home with family.

Margrita said...

I love Brazilian Churrascaria Radizio cafes they are great. I enjoy getting the different selections from the skewers. The food looked yummy sure glad you enjoyed it. Shopping for clothes shows like a fun trip. Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

and for marine traffic followers ,northwestern is 18hrs out of seattle

mamawas said...

The food prices sure vary by location don't they??

Enjoy all the PA adventures

Lori said...

Looks like you're having a nice time with family. Weather looks a bit gloomy though. Learned about Brazilian Churrascaria - new food today - thanks for posting!

Danny Riddell said...

Thanks to this blog post, I got so hungry that I almost licked my monitor. But all in all, I think you had a good shopping time here. And I wouldn't mind going there someday.