Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sam's Birthday!, Phone call with Sasha, Easter Snow, The USS CONNECTICUT, waterlogged truck, and The CVB Wine Tasting WHAT A WEEK! Roger and BJ for K!

So the Amazing Sam turned 39 this week. Can you believe he has two grown Daughters almost his same age? Nothing and no one can keep Sam Down!

So, Sasha called and could not believe that we were having a pretty nice snowstorm this late in the Year, So I took these videos while I was on the Phone with her in sunny warm California.

I really think I am going to use the TwitVid to post videos on here now because there is no upload limit and the video Quality is better than on blogger.

Our Easter Snow storm has pretty much continued all day with no end in sight, in fact it seems to be getting colder as the day goes on. Of Course this is Unalaska so it can all change in a half hour but we may be on track for a "White Easter"

So, The other Day The USS CONNECTICUT, a SEAWOLF class nuclear powered Attack Submarine caused quite a stir in town when it came by and dropped off some "Scientists" that had spent the last few months Under the Ice.

Besides being one of the quietest and most powerful warships on the planet the USS CONNECTICUT is perhaps best known for it's ability to punch through yards of Ice and for being the only nuclear powered anything to be attacked by a polar bear.

I'm Sure you all remember these photos from a few years ago of the Polar Bear Attacking the Rudder. No harm was done to either the Polar Bear or the Sub.

But it did cause a little excitement in town on an otherwise Dreary Day.

Dreary? Yup, because it has not been all nice and white this week. mostly it's been raining
As our one chef Ron found when he parked his car at night right before a big melt and a rainstorm overnight.
The Van Dropped him off in the truck cab and he climbed the rest of the way.

He made it in without getting more than a little soaked and more success the truck actually started!!
So, this post is a week late but with Elizabeth's passing I delayed it, so now on to the Fabulous and most successful Unalaska Convention And Visitor's Bureau Wine Tasting Ever! As those who follow the blog know this is the Major Fundraiser for the CVB Each year and pairs exquisite wines with food all designed by the Hotel's Executive Chef Richard Bye. As you will soon see Richard and his staff outdid themselves this year, crafting food worthy of a Michelin Star!
Of Course no event sets itself up, many thanks to our Board President Bobbie Lekanoff!
Another Board member Vicki and Volunteer Don Graves.
CVB Board Member Belinda Sunderland Joins Brina Fraser & Debbie Sensky at one of the most popular tables of the night

George Halas explains to all the Sommeliers about proper pouring for the Wine Tasting. Don Cook (with the binder)was the Winery representative.

Alaskan Cod with a White Wine Herb Beurre Blanc
California Style Sushi Rolls from the Harbor View Sushi Restaurant paired with the Champagne

George Halas shows CVB Board Member Belinda Sunderland How to safely and Correctly open a Champagne bottle

The Cheese Platter
Sommeliers of the evening City Councilmember Katherine McGlashan and Mark Labert served..... ...The Star of the Event, Mandarin Barbequed Pork Belly served with Taltarni Heathcote Shiraz. Amazing! (I actually had 4 pieces)
Police Chief Jamie Sunderland and Jeff Hawley served....
...Lamb Ragu over Penne Pasta paired with the Taltarni 3 Monks Cabernet/Merlot 2005
Mayor Shirley Marquardt and her Husband Bob served...
Moroccan Chicken Stew over grilled Polenta. (I love Polenta!!!)
Reid & Sarah Brewer along with George Halas the Wine Distributor...
served Chervil, Apple and Arugula Bruschetta paired with the 2008 Kato Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant and I would say the best pairing of the night besides dessert
Roger and Bille Jo For Kay!
The Evening’s Chef Willie Pilande discusses the food with Ardis Maugotauga and Theresa Salu
People Bidding on the Silent Auction Items. (I won an Afternoon on A Deadliest Catch Boat generously donated by Original Productions!)
Shots of the Crowd at this crowded event.

Even some of the Housekeeping staff and Kyle Attended. Dont they look nice all dressed up?
Our Fabulous Mayor and her wonderful husband prove that behind the best Mayor in Alaska is one of the hardest working men!

More Roger and BJ for Kay!

Andrew Ogilvie from Alaska Airlines congratulates The Grand Prize winner William Wallace. Mr Wallace Won two round trip Airline tickets ANYWHERE Alaska Airlines Flies. This prize was generously provided by Alaska Airlines!
And Finally, just to prove that I have no problem making fun of myself I show you all how to correctly eat the Chocolate Mousse tarts Drizzled with a Dark Cocoa Crème Sauce that was served with the Fonseca Bin 27 Port Wine

Yeah, they and the event were really that Good!
Have a Blessed Easter Sunday Everyone!


Kimi said...

and now i have to go eat. Cuz that food and all that wine made me super hungry. Looks like a great time was had by all. Submarine must have been really fun to watch come into port. Happy Easter. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Margrita said...

Wow what a snow storm a White Easter unreal. We are having the rain here and nice warm temperatures. I'll try to send some that way. How exciting to see a sub drop off scientist. I enjoyed seeing again the pictures of the polar bear and the sub. Reminded me of the spy cams that were used to observe the polar bears. The polar bears enjoyed exploring those also.

The CVB Wine Tasting looked incredible. I liked the sushi love California rolls they are yummy with wasabi. So glad you won the item you bid on. What a cool prize enjoy it. Wishing you a great Easter and a wonderful week.

You're a springtime kind of person,
and there's sunshine in your smile.
There's warmth in all the gladness you impart.
And here's the special reason
you're so like this lovely season--
It's the springtime that you keep within your heart.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring.

Lori said...

Wow ~ I can't believe you're still getting snow. It's blummin' hot and humid - 90 degree temps here. I know you don't miss this weather!

The pics of the sub were cool ~ how interesting.

Food and wine - yum! Best part, I'm wishing that your afternoon on a DC boat is on the NW! (Nah, bet it will be the Wizard!) :-)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Have a great Easter sunday yourself, CB!


mamawas said...

Loved your submarine shots Brian. I have a twelve shot sequence of a polar bear clan and sub that rotates on my classroom computer screensaver file, now I know the sub's moniker.

The wine tasting/auction was a success too..yeah.

Hurry up Unalaska spring weather. (recall...37 degrees on fourth of July) warmest place in winter in AK, coldest place in summer in AK. How does weather rank for spring statewide?


Thanks for the flowers and the candy Bro, and you got it right, that is exactly how you eat dessert. Love you and see you soon!

Lodi said...

I am so jealous of your day trip with the Deadliest Catch! Congratulations, I know you will have fun and be fun!

I also LOVE polenta and the only restaurant in Muskogee that served it closed down. :(

Carlisleboy said...

I really wish you all could have been there at the event and taste the Amazing food Rich and His crew came up with, Just beyond belief. Check out the Dutch Harbor Fisherman PDF version of this weeks paper to see more photos, as well as my City council Article.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Off-track but still salient, with regard to recent comments on my blog:

Energy Is Freedom.

That said, I know the massive restrictions and regulations that just the fishing boats have to obey; moreover, the state has to jump through INCREDIBLE hoops in order to take advantage of ITS OWN resources! People see Deadliest Catch as an exciting show; I see it as a bunch of boats who somehow have managed to succeed DESPITE the onerous regulations placed upon them.

People migrate to Alaska because they THINK it's the Last Frontier. Not quite. It might be one of the MOST regulated states in the Union BECAUSE of its free spirit.

I submit this, CB: it's up to YOU to try to convey this to your readers, who are infinitely GREATER than mine. I suggest you can be a Great Voice in revealing the Federal Thumb under which Alaskans must operate.


Kimi said...

BZ, you raise an interesting point. These boats are succeeding despite overwhelming red tape making it difficult to be a money making business. I have said to a friend that it looks like enough regulations will make crab fishing a government farm instead of a free enterprise. Boats are dropping like flies, and crews are put out of work every year, because operating costs are too high, and what they make per crab due to the quota system is just too low. Plus quota number drops, have made it even worse.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Look at the boats, I submit, now in the Alaskan waters as opposed to the number of boats, say, ten years ago.

I submit the numbers have receded drastically.

Smaller boats have given their quotas to larger boats and conglomerations/corporations.

Deadliest Catch only covers those who are successful. From, literally, HUNDREDS of boats there are now a hundred boats or so.

Having to correspond to MASSIVE regulations. And detail after detail after detail after detail after detail.

Kimi: just ASK the Captains who fish there, off Dutch.

I'll bet they'd answer in the affirmative.


Kay said...

Thanks so much Bryan for keeping me current! Love the pics.

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