Saturday, May 7, 2011

Career Fair, Russian Church and the first time the USCGC Bertholf (WMSL-750) visits Dutch Harbor!

Ok Folks so, I've been Busy, but Just wanted to Catch you up on a few events on the Island.
First, although I may be cursing myself later for tempting fate, it looks like winter is finally over!
And With the beginning of our all too short spring/summer it's time for May Madness, when more events are seemingly held than at any other time of the Year. This week was Career Fair, Next week Prom and the following week the Senior Party and graduation.
As usual the Police, Fire Department and the Military we all big hits with the students.
But of Course one of my favorite people on the Island was there, Zoya from the Museum.
Who always says I never take a good picture of her. So here are three to choose from.
Of course, personally I think it's impossible to take a bad picture of the beautiful Zoya, who by the way is just back from her run in the Annual Paris Marathon.

The Students of course had lots of fun, especially eating all the treats at the Hospitality station.
And is that Manderzz over there chatting with the Marines? The Enemies of America best Beware!!

Like I Said Spring has Sprung and the Eagles are already out and starting to get territorial over nesting sites. Pretty soon it will be time to put up the Eagle Warning signs at the Post Office and Clinic.

And in Nautical News the USCGC Bertholf made it's first trip to Unalaska.

USCGC Bertholf (WMSL 750) is the first Legend-class maritime security cutter of the United States Coast Guard.

It is named for Ellsworth P. Bertholf, fourth Commandant of both the Revenue Cutter Service and Coast Guard.

In 2005, construction began at Northrop Grumman's Ship Systems Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi. She was launched on September 29, 2006,christened November 11, 2006,and commissioned on August 4, 2008. The vessel's home port is Alameda, California. Bertholf was the first to fire the Bofors 57 mm gun aboard a U.S. vessel on the 11th of February 2008 by Electronics Technician First Class Matthew Magaro

The Bertholf is the lead ship of the National Security Cutter design and the first large ship to be built under the Coast Guard's multi-year Deepwater acquisitions project. The NSCs are to replace the fleet's aging 378-foot Hamilton-class cutters.

The Bertholf's Features Include
Automated weapon systems
Medium-caliber deck gun (57 mm) capable of stopping rogue merchant vessels far from shore
Helicopter launch and recovery pad with rail-based aircraft retrieval system and two aircraft hangars
Stern boat well for small boat launch and recovery
bow thruster
State-of-the-art C4ISR improving interoperability between Coast Guard and DoD
Detection and defense capabilities against chemical, biological, or radiological attack
Advanced sensors for intelligence collection and sharing
Real-time tracking and seamless Common Operational Picture/Maritime Domain Awareness via integration with Rescue 21
Advanced state-of-the-art Ships Integrated Control System (Machinery Control, Steering, Navigation) for reduced manpower requirements and improved automation
Cassidian (EADS) TRS-3D/16-ES Air Search Radar for area surveillance

You Can Find Out more at the Bertholf's web Page at

A very Impressive ship, hopefully they will give a tour soon.
Have a great Day Everyone!


mamawas said...

I loved the museum by the hotel, it was current and I could tell new displays are rotated through regularly.
the USCG update was interesting too.
I hope spring is upon Unalaska finally.
Thanks for the posting, hope positions at the hotel are being filled too.

Margrita said...

Wow great information on the new USCGC Bertholf thanks for sharing. I hope they do allow a tour that looks like it would be interesting to see. I love the pictures of the Russian Church they are awesome. So glad it looks like Spring has arrived. May does seem to be a busy month there, lots of events going on. I wish you a great week hope you get to enjoy the spring weather.

Kimi said...

the USCG Cutter looks fantastic!! glad the kids enjoyed the career fair. Hope you enjoy the spring weather!

Lori said...

Love the post! Also, love the new header pic of the Russian Church ~ the church has always been one of my favs. Sure hope spring has finally arrived in DH so you can get out and do some hiking. I enjoy the pics of the beach and the beautiful green island this time of year.

Glad you're back ~ don't stay away too long! Hugs~

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Beautiful ship, but, man, they need to do something with the guy that painted "COAST GUARD" on its side. The letters aren't of even thickness and look a bit like a 5th Grader tackled the printing.