Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Runs with Shadow! The Spit Dock, Sitka Spruce park, the Crab Pot yard, Overland Pass and Summer Bay

So the Runs with Shadow Continue!
Out on the Spit Dock
Chasing birds
Getting Soaking wet running through dewy grass
And Smelling the Lupins

Over at Sitka Spruce Plantation playing amoung the few trees on the island,
And going for a swim in the pond

Playing among the Empty Crab pots, taking their summer vacation in the Sun and among the flowers before being called into service once again this fall

Up Overland pass, near the waterfalls
Where Ground Squirrels are everywhere much to Shadow's Delight!
Ok, this was SUPPOSED to be a cool picture with Shadow sitting there with the Bay in the Background but those Darn Squirrels would not stop taunting him so he had to go and punish them..........

And down at Summer Bay he just had to check out the tide pools, which led to a seweed smelling dog.....

Until we got the the freshwater outlet and he swam and played with kiddies and Another Puppy for a good rince off of the Saltwater

And FInally last afternoon/evening walk up on strawberry Hill.
A tired puppy is a good puppy!
Have a Great Day Everyone!


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

There is nothing more loving in the entire world than a wet dog. Well maybe 2 wet dogs.

The flowers are so lovely and thanks for the great pictures.

mamawas said...

lupines are tall in the fields.
Nice to see every living thing stirring in Unalaska this summer, even in cold water.
Thanks for the pretty pix.

Kimi said...

just did a painting with lupines in it. and went through the blog here to find a photo to get the color right. loved the photos of Shadow running around.

Margrita said...

Shadow looks like a happy dog.
what fun you two had. the lupines are gorgeous. I love the pictures of them thank you for posting them. Enjoy your weekend.

Susan Stevenson said...

I just love the lupines! We have very few here in the Interior, but saw so many of them near Denali and down on the Kenai Peninsula. Love the one of Shadow smelling them. *grin*

mamawas said...

Happy Independence Day Brian hope the midnight display is awesome