Friday, June 24, 2011

Tsunami Warning, Shadow and The Mayor

So, A 6.5 Magnitude Quake off the Fox Islands triggered the Tsunami Warning system yesterday
Most people on the island felt the Quake, (Except for Veda who refused to believe Tom and I until the Sirens sounded). I happened to be at the Airport Seeing off Mayor Shirley Marquardt and her son Rex on the 7:30 Flight. The Person watching their house on vacation could not do it last night so I Needed to take care of their dog Shadow for the night. Well the Earthquake happened and then Shirley and Rex got on the plane and I drove to her house to Take Shadow for a good Run. Once I got the Dog in the truck we were headed up Strawberry Hill and Shirley Calls saying that there was going to be a Tsunami warning in like 10 minutes with the Sirens going off. I race Down off the Hill to the Hotel, Set off the General Alarm and with the Other Managers, Unisea Security and the UPD Evacuate the Hotel. I actually had to stand there with my finger on the button to keep the alarm going. Then I grabbed a case of water and headed up Strawberry Hill With the Dog so if anything did happen he would be more comfortable close to his house.
Shadow when I picked him up

Scouring the hills for nasty things to put in his mouth while I kept an eye on the Horizon

Fellow Evacuees (Sp?)

And then FINALLY the All Clear was sounded and we headed back home.

And here are some shots from His morning walk around the Hotel

A Cute Glamor shot of Him and Lupins
And A Mid Morning Run on the Beach.

So Shirley, The Island is fine and So is Shadow. He did not even make a mess in the house overnight.


mamawas said...

Bella is safe, Melanie was missing her on her Seattle trip too.
Sounds like your Unisea and personal preplanning for disaster was effective.
Was anything broken at home?
Take care

DGreen said...

Awww...I would doggysit a handsome fellow like Shadow anytime! Glad it all went well in Unalaska. Strawberry Hill was a good place to keep an eye both to the front and the back of you at the water.

Lori said...

Been gone for three weeks - heard about this - glad everything worked out OK! Got to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Brian, you are a life saver! Shadow is in the best of hands with you, and I expect him to weigh at least 3 pounds heavier when we get back.........You do a lot of walking with him, but the "beggin strips" have him entirely crazed. You are the best.

Margrita said...

So glad all are safe and nothing became of the Warning. Shadow is a gorgeous dog looks like he had a good time. Have a great week.

Kimi said...

looks like the dog had a wonderful adventure. Maybe start a dog walking business? Heard you all had a Tsunami warning...glad nothing came of it!

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