Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Seattle trip for Fourth of July WIth Joann, Austin, Katherine, Kiefer, Kaniesha,Carter And Derick!

SOOOO, Sorry I have been absence. Took a quick trip down to Seattle over the 4th of July. Katherine and Crew were also going and happened to be on the same flight and staying at the Same hotel so we all fell in together for a few days of Fun. Also Flew out my Sister and Nephew for the week.
Pricelined and Flirted my way to an Upgrade vehicle! Thanks Brandon!!!
AHHHH, Even in Seattle they are starting to see the light!
Down on the Waterfront
Pigging out at Red Robin
Joann and Austin
And while waiting at the Ferry Dock Katherine's oldest Keifer joined us!
The Big Pig BBQ truck as seen on the Food Network
I have NEVER seen Seattle as gorgeous as it was for our trip. Not a drop of rain, no fog and highs in the 70's to 80's! Wonderful when we went down to the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial
Katherine's sister
And Captain Phil.

Off to see the Movie Green Lantern!
Also Hooked up with Derick which filled up the last seats in the car!
In Bremerton WA we went on a Ghost Hunt on the USS Turner Joy

The Dutch Harbor Gang (Better watch out, little Carter is Dangerous!)

Nothing really jumped out at us or anything, but it was still a cool fun experience.

Of course there were these Unexplained hickey like marks that Keifer had that we never got an explanation for so maybe there is something Paranormal going on,

Sitting down for an EVP Session

As to other weird and wonderful places..............
While Kat and crew went to a Mariners game Joann, Austin and I headed to IKEA
But we all got back together for Outback that night
And Shopping the Next Day
Yes Carter, You ordered the "Tour Of Italy" Platter and you have to eat it all!!!
And At Olive Garden we celebrated Katherine's Birthday for like the 3ed time in as many days

We were also annoyed terribly by this rude man at the next table who talked so loud and so incessentaly that at one point I had to be physically restrained from telling him to SHUT UP!

Evidently he is out of work and is looking for a Job. But he is "too Good" for fast food or Wal-Mart and instead is trying for Target or Petsmart. Just a warning if you are in the Seattle Area and looking to hire new employees.......

Then it was down to the Space Needle for a walk around before the Fireworks.

ans some playing around on the Statuary

Derick LOves Whales!

Sitting Around waiting for the Fireworks to begin (Video will be up soon)

Dropping Joann and Austin off at the Airport

And A final Night out with Derick and his new Gal Pal Aly. She is really sweet and nice and can keep him in line!!

So great BUSY Exausting but theraputic Vacation!

Have a Great Day Everyone!


mamawas said...

Love seeing Fisherman terminal pictures, it is such a nice walk to take too!
Glad you had a vacation in Seattle.

Kimi said...

loved the photo journey through parts of Seattle. sounds like the hunt for ghosts was a bust, but looked like you all enjoyed yourselves in the process! Glad you had fun for the 4th!

Helen said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful Fourth! HUGS Brian!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Once again, CB, great photographs!

I've made a number of extraditions to Seattle. Enjoyed the city and would love to live there. Rain doesn't bother me in the least!


Margrita said...

Awesome pictures thanks for sharing them. Looks like you had a great time. The ghost hunt sounds like it would be quite an unique experience. Glad you had a great fourth. have an awesome week.


We had an awesome trip with a lot of great people, we were never bored!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny - I actually live in Bremerton and work in Seattle.

Long time reader first time commenter.


Carlisleboy said...

Anonymous said...
Funny - I actually live in Bremerton and work in Seattle.

Long time reader first time commenter.

Bremerton was so Beautiful when we were there, Actually the whole week was perfect!
Next Time though I think I need more than just a week. Next time out of Dutch is in October-November for a few weeks. Still not sure on where Im going yet but leaning towards Europe again.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Dude, you must make a nice wage in order to accrue your various trips! Good for you! Do it while you can and, concurrently, document it like you stole it! You'll find, in your older age, you will ALWAYS wish you'd taken more trips and taken more photographs! Memories are wonderful!

I'm still gonna make it to Dutch! I'm shooting for next year, in perhaps September or October. And I hope to be staying in the Grand Aleutian!


DianeG said...

See you on Aug. 5th pending no delays with PenAir. Let me know if there is anything I can pick up for you down here.

Lori said...

Didn't get down to Fisherman's terminal on this last trip - was close but just not enough time. I can hardly wait to see the fireworks video! I have always wanted to be in Seattle on the 4th. Next cruise to AK will be on the marine ferry - all the way to DH! We're planning it! Hubby wanted to go to Bremerton, but we didn't make it there either - we were going to ferry over to the islands - there's always next time. I'll email you when I get a chance - we did so....much on our trip and even saw the Cornelia Marie in Kodiak.