Saturday, August 13, 2011

True Summer arrives in Dutch Harbor, Fish Frys, Pampered Chef, And Housekeepers picking salmonberries. (and A shot or two of Shadow as well)

First of ALL, Summer, REAL SUMMER has finally come to Unalaska and the Port Of Dutch Harbor. Temperatures in the 70's and POSSIBLY an 80 the other day. This is possibly due to the Island being very happy with us, or Our Friend Diane Green Visiting us from Texas and Bringing all the heat with her. Either way it has been one of the best weeks "weather Wise" That I have ever experienced in Unalaska, and Timed just right with the Salmon Berries turning ripe.
I even Got to take the Housekeepers out after work one day. (More on that Later but here is a shot of them)

Thanks To the quick actions of Public Safety and the Fire Department a real tragedy was averted when some IDIOT threw "Seal Bombs" (Think about 3X as powerful as an M-80 firecracker) Into the spare nets at the end of the Spit Dock.

It was looking pretty bad there for a bit but they soon had it under control. Way to Go Guys and Gals!

Shadow at the Spit the Next day, running through the flowers and Grass that could have been lost due to idiocy!
My First Salmon Berry of the Year
And Shadow with his first Jerky stick for the first part of the walk....

Alexander, ALL Grown Up

What happens when Darrel forgets to mail a package when Brian Asks him to for FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.

Miss Zoya at the Senior Fish Fry (Just missed one where she was all covered in Batter!!)
A Pampered Chef Party with Janie, Vicky, Roxie and the rest

And the Transformation of my little Garden, From this
To this
To this. More pictures coming when the Foxwoods bloom
And now on to the Salmon Berry Picking!
The Housekeeping Crew all geared up to go

Group shots:Veronica, Fiheha, Anastacia, Leroy, Maria, Genet, Vitalina, Ardis, Lydia and Diane

Prizes for the Winners guys! Most Berries/First to fill Basket and Biggest Berries! Go to it!
Way down in Brian's Secret Spot
The Berry Bushes are much taller than them!!
Lost in the Berries
Leroy and Fiseha took to the High Ground

And Fiseha Filled his Basket First! $25 Gift Card to Safeway!

Full buckets for the long Trip Down
Lydia wins for the Biggest Berry!

Then, It was too nice to go home so we went by the Waterfall
And Hammed it up a bit before the drive back.

If This next week is even half as nice it will be a miracle!

Have A Great Day Everyone!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Looks like a lotta fun!!


mamawas said...

The garden out front is lush and healthy, as will all the Unalaska resident be after eating the salmonberry harvest.
The predicted temperatures are just fabulous too.
Brian you are a wonderful tour guide for your friends and employees. You enjoy that little side gig I believe.
Take care,

Margrita said...

What a great berry picking trip. those were some tasty looking berries. The garden out front looks great. The weather looks incredible nice summer temperatures. Thanks again for sharing all the pictures of the fun. Have a great week. said...

Gosh, there is a great deal of worthwhile material above!