Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alaskan United States Senator Lisa Murkowski visits Unalaska and the Port Of Dutch Harbor, and proves to be one of the nicest people around!

The Dedication Ceremony for the New Carl E. Moses Small Boat Harbor was held on August 24 .........
And our Amazing Senator was able to join us!
Lisa Murkowski arriving at the Airport. NOTICE THAT SHE FLIES COMMERCIAL UNLIKE A FEW SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES I COULD NAME!!!!!!!! (Nancy Pelosi (D) Harry Reid (D) Barney Frank (D))
After a Brief rainstorm in the morning the sun had come out and it had warmed up by the time she got here so she got to see the island in it's full green glory.
A Warm and genuine hug for our Mayor, Shirley Marquardt and Chris Hladick the City Manager
And a shot or two with one of her biggest fans, CB!

There was a full day of events planned so after a quick lunch at the airport it was off to the School then the Northern Waters Task Force Meeting, where she spoke to a packed audience.

And Now, Just for Kay, A quick interlude with Roger and BJ!
The Ceremony provided another opportunity to have some of the Housekeeping staff out and about so joining me at the dock were
....From the left, Jon, New Hire Hunter, Maria, My wonderful assistant Veronica and Michael.
Just one portion of the Harbor......
The Rest you can see under construction still behind one of my Favorite people AB!
Lisa has a lot of fans on the Island, Young and old alike, because of all the good work she has done over the years representing us in the halls of Congress.
She is just so kind and gracious to everyone she meets.

Our Great Mayor Shirley and City Manager Chris introduced Lisa and the Coast Guard admirals that accompanied her for the dedication.
Some of my favorite people were there, From My Housekeeping Staff to to Zoya, the Winters and Elizabeth.

And the Sun coorporated for a few Really good Photos of our Senator!

Lisa and Shirley with the Harbor behind them.
Chris the City Manager trying to thank all the people involved in this 16 year project that is now nearing Completion.

Senator Lisa Murkowski Dedicates the New Harbor In Unalaska, ... on Twitpic Click on the small square to see the Video of the Actual "Christining"

Heading on down to check out some of the Boats docked at this Float for the first time.
Unisea provided several ships including the AllSea and the little Harbor Boat all decorated for the occassion.
Zoya, the Winters and Katherine!
Zoya can't complain about her eyes being closed in this picture!

I really just love this photo of Lisa and Shirley with Pyramid Peak in the Background
And it only gets better when the fabulous Katherine Joins them.
And Vicki too!
Construction on the Harbor Continued even during the ceremony. Have to take advantage of the good weather and sunlight while we have them!

Alvin, The Ports Director
The Winters and Vicki Peck with Lisa

The Rankins and Lisa

A shot for the Unisea Smiles Wall!
A bunch of fishermen talking to Lisa about the current struggle to find some Pollock.

Alyssa from the CVB presents Lisa with an Unalskan Jacket

This one is for New Hire Hunter's Family. Walking right with the Mayor and Lisa. Pretty cool for a kid who came here to process fish.
A Unisea Trio with Lisa! Donna, Eric and Michelle.

Don and Chirs With Lisa
And the Young Lady who is always behind the Camera Pippa!

Yup, Hunter did a Cutoff in front of a US Senator.

Don, Lisa Dennis and Shirley

and Finally, City Council Member Dennis Robinson with Lisa.

A great event for the community and Many thanks to Lisa for Joining us!

Have a Great Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

You always have to Dirty up your blog with party bashing. Never ever mentioning the other "R" party. Great pictures though.

mamawas said...

Glad the Senator visited Unalaska, I know it was appreciated

Anonymous said...

only cuz her sugar daddy's jet got sold by Sarah your HOMEWORK...Murkowski LOVES photo ops...half the time she shows up for photo ops for things she doesn't even support...try doing your homework on Prop 2 for example!!!

there is no such thing as a gay Catholic...Catholics like you and murkowski are sorely deceived...she funds KILLING BABIES and you live a live of SODOMY that is reprehensible to a HOLY GOD!!!

Kay said...
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Kay said...

Thanks once again Brian for keeping me up to date on my kids! I love your posts. If others don't they can do as you suggest and go to another blog. There's bazillions of them!

terrig said...

Glad she was as nice and kind as you thought she would be. Anonymous never disappoints.

mary said...

Hey brian, Hope your ok after the earthquake.Mary in ma

Carlisleboy said...

We are all ok Up here. Really, the earthquake back in June was a lot worse.
As always I will leave up the negative comments because I really do believe in free speech, everyone has a right to speak their mind.........and to show just how stupid they are.
I'll leave you with a few Quotes that should make Anonymous #2 think.
"Love your neighbor as yourself, and love the Lord God above all else"
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
Those two are from Jesus. You really want to argue with Jesus?
And now for one from South Park's Character Butters
"God Made me. God does not make anything that is not perfect. So, if I'm made from God and I'm gay then I figure God Must be a little gay too"

Hey, I said I support free speech, that does not mean I dont want Anonymous #2's head to explode after reading that last quote.

God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

(there is no such thing as a gay Catholic...Catholics like you and murkowski are sorely deceived...she funds KILLING BABIES and you live a live of SODOMY that is reprehensible to a HOLY GOD!!!)
How sad that people believe there is a god. Sad that people pray for someone after an accident,if there was a god the accident would not have happened. As for killing babies. A baby is not a baby until it is born. AND we need to stop the out of control birth rate. You are right on one thing. All politicians are evil.

Anonymous said...

White, Black, Gay, Straight, I really don't care. Love all. I just get a little frustrated with your Die Hard Republican ways. That's all really! Cant anyone remember why we are in the mess we are in? I will give you a hint "Bush"!!!
How in the world can someone fix the mess he created in 3 years. Google the worst president in US history and look what comes up, It was no surprise to me to see Bush JR. come up for over 5 pages before I stopped reading.

Still enjoy the pictures. I thank you for that.

crabber said...

trident doesn't own the ramblin rose fyi...

ruth said...


ruth said...

a baby is a baby the min you find out your going to have the baby the baby moves and is alive in side you said...

Gosh, there's a lot of helpful information above!