Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deadliest Catch Boats at Dock, The F/V Northwestern and Rambling Rose, Walks, US Citizenship, Visitors, And Flowers.

So, its been a busy few weeks, full hotel, weather turning cold and rainy but it has finally given me the chance to post some more pictures from past weeks.....Like the Northwestern which is now docked out at the Spit Dock. I believe they and the Rambling Rose have been out fishing for cod, but that is just a guess, don't quote me on it!
Still, the Girl looks lonely, so For all you Northwestern Fans out there I will make sure to go visit her from time to time until the guys get here in October for Crab.

An US Army Boat is also out there, The Malvern Hill. I have no clue what they are doing here.
And A drilling Platform is also docked out near the Stimson

And the Rambling Rose can not be called "The Rusty Rose" anymore! Trident who owns the boat sunk some serious money into her for repainting and lots of other repairs.
Looking a lot better than it did last year at this time.

It's Been a beautiful Summers up Unalaska way................ and The Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor is looking better and Better each day! Especially during walks with Shadow!

In other News our resident "Flappy Head" (A South Park reference to Canadians) has now become a United States Citizen. Congratulations to Kasium!!

The Swearing In ceremony for Kasium and the 12 other New Citizens

Kas, Rocking the 70's look

And Hob Nobbing with our local celebs like our wonderful Mayor. Ahhh The privileges of Citizenship.......
The Mornings are getting a bit cooler, but the sunrises almost make it worth it.

We have had MANY visitors in town this past month, Including these guests of our Parent Company Nissui visiting for a plant tour and some fishing from Japan.
And Many of the Elderhostel, some seen leaving here on the Ferry on Saturday.
And Finally, My Flower Garden is about at it's peak

All I can say is I LOVE MIRACLE GROW!!!!

Taking this Barren Wasteland

And turning it into this? Yup, it's a miracle alright. I mean, I have a green Thumb from my dad, but I would have never gotten these results if not for the new soil and the weekly fertilizer treatments, and the nice amount of sun we had this year.

And turning it into this? Yup, it's a miracle alright. I mean, I have a green Thumb from my dad, but I would have never gotten these results if not for the new soil and the weekly fertilizer treatments, and the nice amount of sun we had this year

The Foxglove is really one of my favorites

And the Dasies are nice too.

I hope I can get these results (or Better) next year!

Have a great Day!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CB, REALLY like the photos of the Deadliest Catch boats -- keep 'em coming; they're photos that NO ONE ELSE has, which is why we enjoy 'em.

That said, very nice garden. Isn't it satisfying to grow something apparently out of nothing?



Garden looks awesome!! dude its hard to grow anything tallish out there with the wind. I know i tried for years!! way to go!! oh and my parents were also on that ferry on saturday whoooop for the ferry Ü

Anonymous said...

The Northwestern has been Tendering for the last 3 months.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love the photos of the pansies. They are so lovely. Are those red flowers ranunculus? My mom has them spread out in her back garden, so festive.

Thanks for sharing your photos. I wonder if the Army is doing training exercises somewhere because the USAV Malvern Hill is a landing craft. Preparing to invade somewhere cold????

Chrisley Colwill said...

Thank you for posting Pictures of the Northwestern!
I can't believe how much your garden has progressed over the summer!!! it's beautiful!

mamawas said...

your blog prediction was spot on Brian look at all of them!!!

Alexi said...

Hey CB, I tried to shoot you an email using the address on your Blogger profile but it was bounced back.... it said "mailbox unavailable." Just FYI :)

Mystic said...

Hey CB!!!! Thanks for the pictures and updates!!! The sunrise and flower pics were my favs! Hope all is well with you hon.

Carlisleboy said...

Yeah Everyone, Sorry, I dropped my Hotmail acount linked to this blog because there was just too much Spam mail. I'm trying to add my real address but in a way that will not allow spammers to get it. Ill let you all know

Kris said...

Thank you for your excellent blog and pictures. :) I am jealous that you get to see Bald Eagles all the time. I loved the video you posted of them singing. I do have a question. When would a tourist be most likely to find some of the Deadliest Catch captains at a bar in Dutch and just buy them a drink? There is so much media sensationalism around the guys that I have no idea if they are approachable OR if they steer clear of some areas (for fear of being hounded by tourists.) I wonder if certain Captains stay away from bars because they are more "family men" like Sig or Keith. Thanks.

Margrita said...

Awesome pictures CB. I love your garden you did a great job, your green thumb really shows. Wow what gorgeous sunrise pictures. Thank you for sharing the DC boat pictures the Rambling Rose looks great. Take care have a great weekend.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Also nice to see the once-decrepit Rambling Rose all spiffied up.


Anonymous said...

Hi CB,
Hope you are okay, haven't read a post for a while. Hope you're just busy!

Anonymous said...

Kris. The best time to catch the DC guys is October 1st through Oct 14th. That is when they are in town before fishing. Then Jan 1st through Jan 10th. Sometimes they are okay, sometimes not.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos--my friend Denise emailed me them also--beautiful wedding photos--u look stunn'n Denise!!-everything looks just beautiful..

Lori said...

Awe - she is a beautiful boat :-) take care of her until the guys get there - LOL!

The flowers are beautiful - I think they grow better there than in FL!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden...difficult to grow anywhere! Hello all, I and my spouse are able to visit; we have free airfare. Would love to see the boats, but also want to stay someplace to see bears and possibly whales. We are willing to to travel quite a bit. Any suggestions on seasons? Any suggestions on "must do" activities for first time visitors? Any suggestions on accomodations? Thanks very much!

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