Sunday, December 25, 2011

Deadliest Catch Boats on Christmas Day 2011, and the Unisea Christmas Party

Merry Christmas From Unalaska and the International Port of Dutch Harbor!
Lori asked me to go Check on the Northwestern so the poor girl was not all lonely today.......She's fine, nice and snug at the dock.
You many have noticed, we have a bit of's been pretty much snow every day since Tuesday.........and we have a good couple of Inches on the Ground/
If it stays cold the boys are going to have to shovel before they can even get on board!

The winds have drifed a lot of the snow back out to the ocean and into gulleys and spots between buildings so it goes from barely a scattering on the ground to drifts of several feet, I almost got stuck pulling out from the NW dock to head to the spit dock.
And as usual it goes from nice calm blue skies to a snow squall in a matter of as usual on the Aleutian Islands.

Some boats out at the Spit dock did not handle the weather so well this time, and the Little boat always attached to the Pacific Knight is now underwater.
Looks like they got up the spill buoys and pads in time to stop the Oil from becomming a major problem.
But the trip was not entirely a tragedy, Saw some old DC boats out there as well, Like the Rollo Above
The Farwest Leader
And Way down on the floating dock I spotted the Amatuli, the "spotter" or "chaser" boat for the Deadliest Catch boats. Most shots you have seen these past few seasons from "outside" the main boats have been taken from here.

And It's just not Christmas without an Eagle in a snowstorm!!

Last week was the Unisea Christmas Party
Lots of amazing food, like this "Steamship" Roast
And my favorite Turkey
And Of course Desserts

All Prepared by Richard Bye the Executive Chef and his amazing Crew!

And Stranded at the Hotel was April from Akutan and Veronika!!
So they were my guests for the party. So Super Crowded upstairs so we ate in the Office with Alicia!
I cant believe she still has like 3 months to go before the Twins come!

Anyway, Have to go make some Gingerbread for the Party tonight so I'm Outta here
Merry Christmas


mamawas said...

April was so happy you escorted her to the Unisea party Brian (always the gracious host).

AK and Christmas snow seems so grand!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone knows what the Northwestern and the Scandies Rose has in common? I do!

Margrita said...

What a great party the food looks so yummy. I Love the pictures of the snow especially the eagle in the snowstorm. Thank you for sharing the boat pictures always nice to see those. I hope you have an awesome Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Take care.

Mj in Md said...

Beautiful pictures of the island. Love seeing them. Thanks for braving the cold and sharing them!
Happy New Year!!

emarienan said...

miss your posts...i look forward to hearing about life on Unalaska...

Lori said...

Hey there - thanks for posting the pics of ALL the boats. Always nice to see some of the ones that aren't on the show any longer - just knowing that they're around and still working is a blessing.

Love my NW pic with the snowfall. My Christmas was complete - LOL!

I miss your posts too - keep in touch and thank you for the Christmas card!

My best to you always in the New Year!