Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decorations, Moonlight Madness and The Unalaska City Party.......

Sorry for the long wait since the last blog Post............I've been decorating
(Thanks To our Wonderful Mayor Shirley Marquardt for taking this shot!)

The Tree has 3 more strings of lights this year, more ornaments, silver icicles, and the new lighted presents under the tree.

The New lighted Garland and Candlesticks are accompanied by large metal sculptures of King Crab instead of Bows.

There is a new Santa Wreath Above the Door (Thanks to Darrel for the Donation)

And the Gift Shop donated some wonderful Russian Orthodox themed Sculptures and Bells to the Lobby Decorations.

The Nutcracker and Snowman globe are back again

And Even Cape Cheerful got a new tree!
The Gift Shop is all decked out,
And the Front Desk is also quite pretty.........

Say Hi to Alicia Everyone!! (I even snuck in a Nativity this year, Again, thanks Darrell!)

Some more shots of the Best Tree in 800 miles, which means it is the Best Tree on 1/24 of the Earth's Surface, Which has always been a goal of mine, to have one of the top 25 Trees on Earth.

Hey, I love Christmas!! I love Decorating! So did my dad. I think of him often as I am sweating up there on my 100th trip up the Ladder or Lift that day. I wish I had some of his ornaments or Tinsel Lights!!!

The Hotel is of Course the Center of all the Major Christmas Parties on the Island, From the Firefighters Ball, To the City Party, To Moonlight Madness, The Unisea Party, The OC party, Alaska Ship, OSI etc. Everything has to be done up!
A new Wreath for the second Floor Fireplace.
And Brand New This year............what I am calling my Rachel Zoe {As seen on Bravo and everyday on ) "Gilver" (Gold and Silver) tree. Love Ya Rachel!

The Chartroom
With a great new Tree!

The Shishaldin Room (as decorated as the Kids Room For the City Party)

And Finally, the Makushin Room. where I went a little crazy and used the Hydraulic Lift to suspend Ornaments about 10 feet from the floor through the entire room. (24 moves and re-sets with the Hydraulic lift, slicing through fishing line with my teeth and trying to keep a pattern and the height right!) Lots learned this year so next year will be even Better!!

The High School Kids tuning up for the party.
And this is How it looked Saturday night. NO SNOW AT SEA LEVEL!! Darn it. We have some now, but would have loved to have it for the Party and Moonlight Madness!
Speaking of Moonlight Madness there were 19 tables this year...................
Like Rich and Jane Bye's Amazing photographs...........
Candles and Scented Oils
Dutch Harbor Asia store..............
AND my FAVORITE TABLE! Sharon and Larissa and the Hand Made Chocolates!!
Besides my All Time Favorite the Sea Salt Caramels there is a new love, the Peppermint patties!!

Yes, there is a reason these chocolates fetch more at Dutch Harbor/Unalaskan Auctions than King Crab...............they really are better than anything else.......................I wish you could taste them!!!

Well, Got to go do some more Elf stuff, See you all later!!!

Have a Great Day!



Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog, sir. Great pics of London too ;)

mamawas said...

Hi Brian Love the statistic on the best tree on 1/24 of Earth's surface!
The Grand looks festive because of your efforts for Christmas.
God Bless you,


Loved those tinsel lights Bro that we used to have on the tree when we were little! In case anyone thinks we are crazy... they were the garland with the lights already attached. They made decorating the tree almost perfection.

Carlisleboy said...

Darn Spell Check!! It Changed Larissa's Name to Alyssia in the Chocolate Picture. It is now corrected. Sorry!

Yup Sis, those lights were awesome!

mamawas said...

Unisea Christmas party pix...hurry

Margrita said...

CB the decorations are gorgeous. I love your trees you do a great job decorating. The pictures are wonderful thanks for sharing them. I am glad the Moonlight Madness had so many tables. You are right Sharon's chocolates are the best got to say they are awesome. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Merry Christmas to you, CB!

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas, sir!


lasit0 said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the picture of the Rollo! My man got a kick out of it. He'll be heading up there on the 4th, nice for him to preview the weather.
I truly enjoy all of your pictures, both home and abroad. Hope your holidays are awesome, CB! Best wishes for the New Year!

Chrisley Colwill said...

Thank you so much for all your pictures that you take (especially of the Northwestern ;) ) I love seeing Dutch in all it's glory :)