Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diabloceratops eatoni and a Solar Eclipse. Amanzing events at Amangiri!

It is just soooooooo Cool to be able to walk into the Main Pavilion and be able to see this!!!!
I was into dinosaurs before they became "cool" and insisted my parents take me all over the west to every Dinosaur exhibit when I was growing up. Now I have one right in the main lobby of my Resort.
Here is the Write up in the guests Welcome letter.

Dinosaurs of Canyon Country

Paleontologist and Science Advisor, Scott Sampson, will deliver an entertaining and intriguing presentation focusing on the incredible recent discoveries made in The Grand Staircase-Escalante. This exciting presentation highlights the Diabloceratops eatoni exhibit and incredible details of canyon county’s original inhabitants: dinosaurs. More information at

- When: May 26th - 5:00 pm

- Where: Main Pavilion

My office computer at the resort..........yup, still a bit messy I know.

Another of my loves is Astronomy, and I FINALLY GOT TO SEE A SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!
I have been around the world and seen lots of Amazing things, but I have never actually been in the right place at the right time to see one. An this one was an annular eclipse. This only occurs when the moon is swinging far in its orbit and appears smaller, it isn’t large enough to completely blot out the sun, resulting in an annular eclipse. The last time an annular solar eclipse was seen in the contiguous U.S. was 1994.

Because the sun was not totally blocked out it was still bright and had to be viewed through glasses, which I tried to take pictures through with varying levels of success.

Joining me at our viewing site were a few of my staff, From the Left Mircha, Antonio, Gumer and Anna. A great staff at an amazing resort!
This is pretty much how everyone in Northern AZ and Southern UT looked during the eclipse. No cars on the road as everyone just stopped and put on their "eclipse glasses" to view this amazing event.
A bit of a better shot of the moon beginning to  cross the sun
You could feel the difference in the air as, almost like stepping into a dark shadow as the eclipse began

And Finally, totally by accident I got a mirror image above the sun of what the eclipse actually looked like at totality through the glasses. It was super cool!!!

Loving my time here at Amangiri!!


Anonymous said...

dinosaurs...much better than drunk smelly fishermen in the lobby:0 So glad your happy! Thanks again for sharing. Mary in ma

mamawas said...

the solar eclipse was a treat for science buffs. Grand Junction looked "dusky" and about half of the sun was blocked. Thanks for your updates. If you are missing any dirt, it has all blown into our valley these last two days!!! Are you guys receiving extra Nevada dust via this windy weather? Curious how this wind storm compares to the Unalaska storms.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I remember the one in 1994. My kids were little and we were outside with Dad and his telescope. The sky got darker and the birds stopped singing. It was so quiet for no real reason. Then the moon started moving past the sun and it was warm again.

We watched this one from our front room. Living close to the beach gave us haze and the eclipse was visible through that.

The dinosaur exhibit must be cream in your coffee. I am so glad you are happy there. Are temps >100 now? Must be quite the change from Dutch.

Carlisleboy said...

Actually it has not hit 100 here yet, but we did have a few good dust storms the past week, it makes everything charges with "Static Electricity" so you get shocked every time you touch a lightswitch or door handle. The winds are nothing compared to Dutch, although everyone here acts like its a hurricane. Watched the DC the other night and was a bit homesick for Dutch....until I got to go on a Hot air baloon ride with some VIP guests.....that I cant post pictures of because they are VIP. but it was a blast!

Anonymous said...

Not much to miss in Dutch. Still cold and wet. The road to the Grand is still full of holes and of course the parking look looks like a lake. Enjoy a place that has class. But clean up that office. Hahahaha. (You are a housekeeping manager after all ).

Margrita said...

WOW love the dinosaur exhibit how awesome to have where you work. Glad you got to see and experience the solar eclipse it is quite neat. Hope you have a great week the hot air balloon ride sounds incredible just the thing to cure the homesickness.