Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chef Davide Pugliese, Smores, The Hawten Site and Amangiri in General

 It is a busy time at Amangiri, but us managers still took time out to go to the "Hawten Site" on property which we have set aside, far from the resort as shown above for a small gathering welcoming our New General Manager Nicholas. (Shown Bellow on the right with glasses)
 Also, we have had the amazing privilege of having World Famous Chef Davide Pugliese, working with us for about two months. His food is simply amazing and we are so honored to have him here.
 HOWEVER, this Italian born Chef who now owns and operates his own restaurant in the Carribean, had never before had a SMORE!!! We quickly remedied that!!!!

 It's just such an amazing setting, eating in a little hollowed out space in Million year old Sandstone.
 We actually have a whole space set up there for guests to have private dinner that are prepared over a fire right there in front of them. Just another of the Amazing things on offer at Amangiri!

 Like another picture of the Dinosaur Skull currently on display in our lobby/library.......
 The beautiful alcove leading to our "mesa" wing.......
 The Hollowed out Sandstone valley that the Resort sits in.......
Even the Winding road that leads to the Resort, Towering mesas on all sides is a little bit of fun every Day!
Have a Amazing Day!


mamawas said...

thanks for the cool events updates Brian! It is starting to feel like summer heat wise too, this dry heat is easier to breath in than the FL and PA heat you have know in your younger days. Glad you are loving the new local


Margrita said...

WOW what awesome pictures those are incredible. I love that the chef got introduced to smores that is great. What a nice place to have a dinner in that hollow love all the sandstone. Wishing you a great work week enjoy the great views.