Saturday, September 1, 2012

So....August is Busy, Too Busy, but still some small adventures

 So, This was on the drive home yesterday......and inspired this entire post, but more on that later.
 Derick is doing well and learning to drive at high speeds on these long, straight roads out here in the west.

 And Driving Past herds of Buffalo

 So, Life at home with a teenager/young adult is interesting.
 Trying different flavors and varieties of the Cereal that seems to be his major food group......
 and the Random placement of furniture on the sidewalk to our apt........
 But he has been working a lot and is exhausted most days......
 But such is life at Amangiri! Balloon flights at dawn,
 Always doing something special for the guest's children in their rooms
 And A lot more that I can's even show or talk about. This resort is truly amazing!
 But Derick and I usually average about one day off each week and we try to get out and explore, this week it was a trip to Flagstaff shopping and then a hike through Sunset Crater National Park

 With a trip to an ancient Native American home from the 1100's AD.

 I think I totally remember coming to this place before with my parents when I was young and had a very emotional response when I saw this angle, I think I fell down here as a kid or something. VERY strange Deja-vu experience.

 Of Course SOMEONE decided to go climbing

 And then had to come back down and do it again as he forgot his Camera.

 But either he has a Guardian Angel, or the Devil looks out for his own, but he survived without a scratch, or even a scrape.

 And Finally, yesterday, we had one of those really intense desert rainstorms that last for all of 20 minutes, but dump a ton of water in that time.
 At the Service building on the way home we saw the start of this double Rainbow between the Mesas that completely surround the resort.

 And on the Road home it was like we were driving right into the heart of the Rainbow.

 And I found out a surprising fact. I was taking home one of my Peruvian and one of my Romanian workers and BOTH of them knew about "the pot of god at the End of the Rainbow". And Leprechauns. Funny how that belief is world wide.
 Still, another beautiful ending to a wonderful day at Amangiri!
Have an Amazing Day everyone!


mamawas said...

I did not realize the End of the Rainbow was so worldwide! Our desert rainstorms are intense, have you been privileged to discover a waterfall that flows for about an hour following a downpour. Those are like a pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow.

Appreciate the update on the SW neighbors. Derrick is a junior this year, right?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

The next time you go to Flagstaff drive the extra 20 or so miles east and go see the Meteor Crater. it is so worth it. OMG, it's worth it. I'd only flown over it and my husband said you have to see it from the ground. You won't regret it!

Enjoyed the pictures.


Beautiful Bro! I am jealous! Hope you getting rest so you don't get sick! It was a beautiful weekend. It was the perfect time for Raymond's pig roast!

Anonymous said...

where you at I miss you!!! email me sometime!!!

April Dawn in Akutan, AK