Saturday, May 10, 2014

Back to Alaska!

 It's been far too long since I was in Alaska so upon my Arrival in Anchorage at the Ted Stevens International Airport you will forgive me for once again placing the CB tag in an empty flower planter near the smoking section, a place anyone going to Unalaska knows all too well! It's good to be back!

 Then it was one more flight and I arrived at my new Home of NOME!!!
 The Nome Airport

The Gigantic Gold Pan in the middle of Town

And My New Hotel, The Aurora Inn and Suites!

One of my first jobs will be to Update the Hotel's Website!!

Welcome back to all my followers, sorry it has been so long!!!! 
Much more soon!

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Betsy Palfreyman said...

welcome back to Alaska..i was just at that hotel in Nome this past summer...dang i just missed you!! you will enjoy those long stretches of beach in Nome. all the best in your new community.