Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A little Drive around Nome on A foggy evening and a little preview for Bering Sea Gold Fans

It was getting to be foggy as I left the hotel last evening so I took a little trip through town, out the Dexter-bypass and down by the Nome river before heading up at the docks. 
 The Historic Nome Nugget Inn
 Easter is going to be a might bit expensive this year!

 The Local Girl Scout Camp

 The Nome River trundling along
 The FAA Radar site

 The Fog bank shrouding Nome as I get closer to the coast 

 The Ice pack piling up along the beach as the tide comes in.

 The Ice is starting to break up by the harbor as soon will look like the Images fans of Bering Sea Gold are used to seeing....

 Hummmm, will Bering Sea Gold Fans see any of THESE dredges on the show this year? I won't give anything away, but as those who followed me in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska for Deadliest Catch know my hints are pretty good......
And Finally this morning the Sun was up, the Ice is moving out and it was a bright happy day! As this is the Day I Officially take over the Aurora Inn and Suites I think it is a good omen of a shining future here in Nome Alaska!

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