Saturday, July 26, 2014

HOT in Nome, @scotmeisterheim and @AKGoldDiggers Party, The White Alice Sites, MUSK OX!, A quick Jet to Anchorage and Back, @KevinFrazier of The Insider in Nome, Baby Shower, Beautiful Shots around Town, and Friday night with the Boys!

NOME ALASKA hit 82 Degrees the other day! It was insane. The entire town seemed to be melting! Thank GOD for that Rainstorm around 6pm that cooled things down enough to sleep. It's amazing What a lack of Air Conditioning can do!

Speaking of Heating things up, The Amazing ladies of @AKGoldDiggers and @scotmeisterheim of @BeringSeaGold Invited me to a great party the Other night at the Bering Sea Bar/Restaurant
Scott is actually a REALLY nice guy!
He even Cracked open all of Mama SaraJane's King Crab for her!
(Sorry, But I Can't Share them till the show comes out)

The @AKGoldDigger Gals are Popular in Germany so here they are sitting down for interviews with German Media

 Then @ToriHartling  of the @AKGoldDiggers Sang Happy Birthday to The Big Daddy Gold Buyer in town in  a voice that would put Marylin Monrow to SHAME!

The White Alice Sites are easily becoming my Favorite quick getway place for quiet reflection after a busy day

And Getting up close to a herd of Musk Ox is and added Plus!

As mentioned I did a Quick Jaunt to Anchorage for a shopping trip for new furniture for the Hotel and The Apartments.

What a Difference just a few months makes Here is the Anchorage Airport Now

And Back in May when I first Arrived!
Love the Flowers!

Fur Nighties Anyone?

So, Once I get the Furniture Here I will show you the Full Transformation of the Lobby But until then

The Great Kevin Frazier of the Insider visited Nome for some Filming for Bering Sea Gold

Here was his Welcome Snack Packs!

Angel is getting CLoser and Closer so We had a Baby shower for her the other day at the Hotel!
And Little Timmy Even Helped!

And finally some Beautiful shots around Nome Alaska!

And Finally some Quick Shots from Last night Out with the boys doing a bit of Exploring by the White Alice Site and Out at Fort Davis

David and Tim From The 4th of July Pics and Introducing Jerry, the Little guy near the hood of the truck

Great Boys and A lot of Fun to hang Around with, But like all teen boys they eat the equilivant of a nation at each sitting. Still worth it cause the Kids Crack me Up!
Like trying to start this truck

Oh, well that's it till next time!
Have an Amazing Day!

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