Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MAJOR Change in CB's Life, Thanksgiving, Christmas New Years and the New Alaskan Governor and Lt Governor stop on by!

So.....Longtime readers of the Blog are going to be a little shocked.....
I have a son now....

VERY Long story, and a private one but he is 15 and his name is Cody

Never having had a kid before there are some things I needed to get used to...
Like how much teen boys eat....

And Sleep, even when waiting for the doctor

Trips to Anchorage are especially good for eating

And noticing common interests like when we spotted a DALEKS license plate from our favorite Show "Dr. Who"

I do so love being back in Alaska

Voting in Alaska

And Sunrises/Sunsets in Alaska!

Having a teen boy also means new things, Like having to play video games and crush them on Games like Infamous:Second Son All while being a good guy

Putting up with JROTC Wrestling Matches

And Pranks

Sunsets are worth it all though

And if you enlarge these photos The Northern Lights

NO Cody you can not have a baby!

Good Friends here also make life wonderful!

And the Seemingly crazy things that ONLY happen in Alaska.
Like having 30 people trapped in your hotel over Thanksgiving because of a Winter storm and Having to Cook and Plan a Huge meal in less than 24 hours.
I did up two 20# turkeys, a 20#ham. 10#Beef Roast 25#Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, 15# stuffing 10#Asparagus 15#Green bean Casserole and 12 Pies, along with ColeSlaw Yams and all the rest.
Also some Delicious Rolls from the Local Bakery Pingos.
There was no way ANYONE staying at my Hotel was going to be having Chinese or Pizza on Thanksgiving!  

Ended up serving about 45 people before the night was out

Now, Back to more Cody Eating

Cody Presents

Cody at Doctors (Everything is Good BTW)

Having his first Pedicure ever

More eating

Car Shopping for next years Barge


Boys in Living room Gaming

Christmas Dinner for Guests and employees
Huge Oven Roasted Beef

Fresh Herb Basted Turkey

VERY foggy New Years Fireworks


Late Christmas Presents (Thanks Best Buy)

More Cody

Yes, He got a horse Mask, Yes it Creeps me out,
Especially when he does things like this

But Moving on The New Alaskan Governor Bill Walker and Lt Governor Byron Malott came to Nome for an Inauguration Parade This past weekend and I had the Honor to host both them, their staff and their families at the Aurora Inn.

And how do you Prepare for such a visit? By finding out their favorite things and providing them.

The Lt Governor and his sons
BSNC President Gail Schubert and Lt Gov Mallott
Governor Bill Walker Thanking the Native Drummers who Welcomed him at the airport

Governor Walker and Mayor Richards of Nome

Lt Governor, Cody, David, Hunter and The Governor

Bolu, Hunter, Cody and Eddie Led the JROTC contingent  at the start of the Parade

Followed by the Gov and Lt Gov

Norton Sound Health Corporation and representatives from several villages

State Representative Neil Foster also a Board member of BSNC

And there can't be a parade in Nome without Dog Teams!

The Nome Elementary School

Native Dancers at the Inaugural Dinner

Even Gail, Mayor Richards and Neil got in on  the Dancing!

Lt Governor Mallott gave a Wonderful Inspiring speech and introduction to the Governor.

The Alaskan Unity Ticket Republicans and Democrats working together as ALASKANS for ALASKANS

I personally had an amazing time Driving the Lt Governor all over on Saturday

And I feel Honored that the Governor used my Desk and my computer to draft part of his State of the State Speech he will give tonight Tuesday Jan 20

One last pic before he goes, reminds me of when I first met him back in July and just somehow knew that though he was a major underdog at the time He would Somehow pull out a win!

Congratulation Governor Walker!

NOW back to life as the Father of a Teen Boy and The Manager of the best hotel in Nome Alaska.

I wonder what Cody wants for dinner tonight?

Have an amazing Day!



Awesome pics Bro! What a great Brother and New nephew I have!
Hopefully will get to see you both soon!

Corey said...

Congrats CB! I've miss your blogs! So happy to see you back and see you doing so good!

web lol said...

kul post !