Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cody's a Brian's European Vacation 2015

So, It's been a LONG time since I posted So this is just the First Installment of at least a Three Parter over me and my Kid's trip to Europe.
As to why it has taken so long, well, it's summer in Alaska, Hotel is Jammed full every day, and being a new father to a teenager takes A LOT of time!
But still, My Son Cody made the Honor Roll so I had to fulfill my bargain and Take him to Europe!
So thank Cody for this fun little trip!
First up will be Iceland and the United Kingdom! 

Cody touching Alaskan Soil at the Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport for the last time before heading to Europe!

We took  Iceland Air Right out of Anchorage which saved us about 8 hours of flying time rather than heading down to Seattle then Over the USA then to Europe. Love the "Aurora" lighting they have in the cabins. Good airline, nothing really fancy, but rates to Europe that just can't be beat!

Cody getting all excited about landing in his first foreign county!

Just in Iceland for a quick stopover though

Then on to London!

Chauffeured Car from the airport to the Hotel 

Yes, English Money is a bit weird looking

First Sight, The Shard

The now tallest building in Europe

With some amazing views

Luckily it was just up the street from our hotel, 

Speaking of our Hotel, The London Bridge Hotel is An AMAZING hotel, with Wonderful staff, great rooms and a PROPER English Breakfast Buffet! And once I get a chance they will have another great review on Trip Advisor Reviews-London_Bridge_Hotel-London

Cody, being brave and trying Marmite
for the first time. It was not pleasant for him...

But the Rest of Breakfast was! 

Then to walk the town!


About 8 am London time, the first of 10 perfect days in Europe. Not a drop of rain anywhere, perfect skies and 70-90's in temperature! Above you see The Tower of London on the left, Tower Bridge Center and City Hall on the right and in the foreground a lovely park

Cody decided that at 6'3" he is too tall for the middle ages....

Perfect timing! Jousting practice at the Tower of London

Entering the Tower!

But I need a New Bedroom Outfit!

And a New Chair!

These Ravens will never leave the Tower of London!

Yes Cody, the Armor is "Happy" to see you!

Cody got two new friends!

I don't know which one is Creepier!

Then on to a double-Decker bus for a tour around London!

The Eye!

Cleopatra's Needle

Tower Bridge

The Shard

Big Ben and Parliment

Even a Bagpiper!

Then a walking tour of Jack the Ripper!
Standing at the remains of the Original Roman wall that surrounded the city of Londonium.
All but one of the murders occurred outside of these walls.

The Ten Bells Pup, where many of the victims drank their sorrows away with cheap gin

And the Famous White Chapel itself!

Then our first English Pub Burger with Cider and Chips

And considering how much Red Bull this boy drinks his picture should be up at this studio!
Then back to the hotel and sleep!

Next day another great breakfast!

Then on to Windsor Castle and Eaton

Quick stop there, the lines were huge, then on to Bath!

Like I said, perfect weather

The Bath Cathedral!

NOW, For a little aside note. the balding man shown below in the blue shirt needs to be publicly shamed! All through Bath this one comedy Restaurant/Bar/Club puts up these pretty little bikes with Flowers advertising their establishment. This fellow knocked it over, tossing dirt and a whole plant everywhere and did not even bother to pick it up or even attempt to. Other people put the bike back up while this little man just did nothing! Did not even try to help. 

If you see this man in the glasses and his wife/GF with the bad hair coloring job keep them away from your plants!!! FOR SHAME!!! And they were such nice petunias too!

Plant Killer!!!! And he broke the sign too!

NOW, On to the Roman Baths!

Golden statue of Minerva Recovered in the dig!


Standing on the same stone as Romans of 2,000 years ago

Traveling through the beautiful English Countryside on our way to the Final Destination!


As I said a PERFECT day!

Even a Raven at the Stones!

And MY super strong Kid! Unlike EVERYONE else who tried to move the stone, and were getting that it would take over 100-95 of them to move it, Cody, MY SON, got it down to 80!!!
Must be all that Chocolate Milk he drinks!

Still tuckered, or as the concierge at the Hotel said "knackered", out on the bus ride back to London.

Then up early next morning for the Train To Paris!

Paris Pics up next!!!



Great pics! So glad you both had an awesome time!! ❤️

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