Saturday, November 22, 2008

FV Early Dawn.....Just Desserts

If you ask your regular viewer of the Deadliest Catch "Was there a boat on the show you ever hated?"
The answers would be "Yes", Followed by "The Early Dawn". From the "know-it-all" captain, who could not find the crab, to the Annoying-Lazy son of the ships owner who should have been fired for falling asleep on watch, to the fact that they pulled out before King Crab Season was even over with there was plenty to dislike. Many of us were asking "We lost the Maverick and the Farwest Leader for these fools?"
Many people might be pleased to know that the Early Dawn is docked in The Small Boat Harbor here in Dutch After King Crab season. It is also known as the "Ghetto Harbor", where alot of small transient houseboats are also docked. In addition it is THIRD from the dock, which I think is not the greatest spot as you have to cross two other boats to get to your ship.

Just to Bring back some fond memories enjoy the next two shots. Deadliest Catch Fans should love them. Both are still fishing from Dutch, and I for one Miss them!!!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Gay Catholic Republican. There's a combo. Hey, great blog, great photos! Can I make two suggestions, pretty please?

1. On my confuser (maybe it just IS my confuser!) the words over your beautiful photo of the harbor and the Mountain Dew are light colored and difficult to read.
2. When I click on comments, the comment box won't expand, and it makes it tough to see all the comments. I wonder: is this something I need to fix on MY end?

Again, great blog!


Carlisleboy said...

Thank You BZ. I am still working the kinks out of the blog and any and ALL input is welcome. I Am going to ask Steve about both of those issues when he gets out of class today. If I remember correctly he had the Same problems

Carlisleboy said...

Well, I got the Comment thing fixed!!!!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You sure as heck DID!! Whatever you did, WAY TO GO! It expands ALL the way on my confuser now!


Lori said...

Nice pics of the boats and I think you're generally close with the perspective of the Early Dawn. I do like the camaraderie between the boats! Keep them DC pics coming and love the blog so far!

Mystic said...

Hi! I'm a newbie to your blog. I found you through Steve's blog. I've been following Steve, Goldfish and Chico for well over a year now. I'm enjoying your blog as well!