Friday, November 28, 2008

An Ode to Thanksgiving Blessings;The Cornelia Marie, Christmas Trees, Friends, Turkey, Dogs, Wine, Gale Warnings And A Donkey

An Apolology in Advance to every poet that has lived or ever will live. Forgive me for what I am about to do.....................

A Dutch Harbor Thanksgiving

A Dutch Harbor Thanksgiving begins with a blow,
of 60 mile per hour gusts from the Bering Sea out your door.........
Oh Captain Phil of the Cornelia Marie,
She just does not like the Bering Sea,
Between the Months of October and December
You will need ANOTHER Overhaul on your engine...........
And Why oh Why would someone buy,
A 14 foot Tree that touches the sky,
When the Tallest Ladder they have, reaches only 9ft plus 3?
Leaves you wondering along with me..............

Still The Girls did their best and the Tree really glowed,

till the 20 year old lightbulbs gave up their ghost.
Still Goldfish's Turkey was Golden and moist,

A First Turkey TRIUMPH for this wonderful host!

The Food Wine and Song were as fun as Can be,
Though Kari Cheated while playing the Wii!
Chico And Kali romped through the house,
Finding every Crumb Dropped, none left for a mouse!

Too Soon the Day was over,

After Talk of some Donkey,

Time to go home,

And Prepare for that nights storm.

Best Wishes all,
To you from me,
Loving Dutch Harbor
And the Bering Sea!!!


Frieda said...

Very nice, and wow at the Turkey! Goldfish is talented as well as cute as a...goldfish? I think the girls did well with the tree, shame about the old bulbs. Now is the time to get some energy efficient LED strings and drag Dutch into the 21st Century. I would like a little more info on the donkey tho....are you up to more poetry?

Carlisleboy said...

The Doney is a topic,
best left unsaid,
on a family friendly blog,
that starts in my head.

Alaska Steve said...

Don't go there CB . . . believe me Frieda, you don't want to break the seal on the donkey subject . . . it was a wonderful time though, CB made some wonderful gingerbread with real whipped cream and some key lime squares to add to the feasting!

Ang said...

That was too cute and gave me the giggles. As Frieda said are you up to some more poetry... Sounds like ya'll had a fun Thanksgiving.

Kathy said...

That was a fun read, CB. Glad to hear that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The turkey was beautiful and warm gingerbread sounds like the perfect dessert!

The Cornelia Marie needs another engine overhaul? Poor Phil - he's had the worst luck with everything this year, hasn't he?

I'm really enjoying your blog, CB. I wish I could see larger versions of your pictures though. It looks like they should open up, but I don't see any link in the status bar when I hover over them. The first two pictures you posted were the only ones I've been able to get to open. Anyone else having the same problem?

Lori said...

Loved the poem! Poor Phil - again with engine problems and now being out even longer. Loved seeing the pictures of the hotel and the decorations. Oh, and I too would love to double click on the pics! Ask Steve - he has it set on his blog and I just found out about this today. Love it!