Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Grand Aleutian Gift Shop

As promised, your inside view of the Gift Shop
Will You join me inside?We have many hand made Russian Icons and Glass eggs on sale to honor our "sister" city in Russia Petropavlavsk. Guess what Shirley, Ken and Buttons are getting for Christmas?
Our selection of Serving trays and stemware is the best on the island, and the most popular during the Holiday Season.
Just like Steve, Goldfish and Chico Have at their place!!! Available in Two Sizes.
Lori, How about an "Island Girl" Top from Dutch Harbor?
And BZ, How Could I not Look at this and think of you? Yes, it is in your size!!
And Plenty of "Deadliest Catch" Treasures.
You can call the gift shop directly at 907-581-3844 to place any orders, or e-mail gift.shop@unisea.com
Have A Great Day!!!!!


Frieda said...

Is that a tapestry hanging on the gift shop door? Do I see a map of the island? I like the crab...any chance the gift shop will post prices on the unisea site? You might have started something!

Carlisleboy said...

Once the new website is up and running maybe, but until then call or e-mail.
That tapestry is just like the one Steve had (See behind him on his Pumpkin carving post). There are several maps of the island available. I will try to post pictures tomorrow to answer your questions and any others that come up in the course of Comments.
Oh, Frieda, Do you know the # that the Northwestern places on their crab pots? I think they are being stored across the street from me At Harbor Crown till opie season, and if you want I will get you some pics.

Lori said...

Thanks so much CB! I'm going to give them a call next week and place an order. I know my daughter will get a kick out of a sweatershirt from Dutch Harbor! Post more pics when you get a chance, but I will ask my questions when I call. Oh, and post pics of the NW pots - now that's a new one! Somehow, I don't think I'll remove the pic I currently have from my desktop (Steve's eagle pic with the NW and the mountain in the backgroud). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thanks for the info, CB, and Happy Thanksgiving!